56 thoughts on “Updated Southwest Hawaii Inter-Island | When It Starts + How It Works”

  1. Southwest will be a most welcomed competitor and hopefully a permanent one!!! The bully on the block has skinned the hawaii residents for too long! Now I can visit where I grew up on the big island … Often and still enjoy spending my money! Aloha and mahalo southwest airlines!!! Conrad

    1. Absolutely! Ever since Aloha went away, Hawaiian gouged us with steep increases in airfare & started charging for checked bags! SWA will gain a lot of customers because of the 2 free checked bags. I hope SWA doesn’t get forced out by political pressure like the way we lost the Superferry which affected Hawaiian, Young Brothers, car rental & parking lots!

    2. Totally Agree! Hawaiian Airlines has increased their prices significantly since the shut down of Aloha. I’m glad to see another competitor here in the islands. It won’t break the bank to visit our family on another island.

  2. I am trying to book flights from Sacramento to Honolulu-when can I expect to see this? Only seeing Oakland

  3. We have flown on Hawaiian for many years and enjoy the service they provide. I look forward to Southwest joining the field of flying in Hawaii. I’m sure there will be some start-up problems, but I’m sure they will be corrected and the competition is a good thing to give us choices. There’s a lot of room for more flights and more choices in this industry. Welcome to Southwest, I’m sure both airlines will still be profitable, and locals can visit family more frequently with affordable air fares.

  4. To Stephen (Feb 21st)… you sound like another airline’s shill trying to create doubt in SWA service. That’s sad. Another viable carrier is long overdue here. SWA entering will humble Hawaiian and the others quick. Thankfully.

    1. Hi JC.

      We don’t know Stephen so can’t comment directly on him. We believe, however, that a fair number of website comments are emanating from individuals who have an agenda. That just seems to be the nature of online reviews, whether they be here, on TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. If they aren’t egregious, we don’t delete them. And luckily, they are fairly easy to spot in most cases.


    2. We went thru the same thing with the super ferry. Groups were paid to protest it. Hawaii is controlled by a few and they don’t like change. They try anything to stop it. To 5 plus years to get gas at Costco Maui.

    3. JC,
      I work for NO OTHER Airline and infact recently retired running a $300M travel program, I can absolutely tell you planes coming into an area (Hawaii or ANY place else) will be subject to delays that LOCALLY based aircraft will NOT be subject to. I would gladly try Southwest (WN) inter island, but would be FULLY AWARE they arrive from long haul destinations. Fog in OAK Airport area WOULD DELAY your flight!!…..

  5. Dear Best of Hawaii, Thank you for your updates on Southwest Airlines delayed service to our beautiful state. Just wondering if they are rethinking their service. Please try to get something out of them. I know their stock is way down and their mechanics are mad. Goldman Sachs downgraded them to a sell rating yesterday. And their Instagram account is lit up like a Christmas tree today when they cancelled over 700 flights with no rule 240 accommodations for their customers. It seems like they have bigger fish to fry right now to try to get their customer service upgraded. Mahalo and Aloha for your service to our Staye

  6. Southwest started as a short hop airline from HOU to DAL in the beginning. They currently do a lot of flying short hops from Houston to Corpus, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. I’m not sure why that would be much different than from HNL to KOA, LIH, or OGG.

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