Stranger Than Fiction | Kauai Official Guilty Of Leading Meth Ring

A prior Kauai Council member, Arthur Brun, pleaded guilty in federal court today to heading a major Hawaii crystal meth ring. During his virtual appearance in federal court, he changed his prior pleas from not guilty on both firearm and drug charges and accepted responsibility for all charges he’s facing.

This is bizarre for those of us who live here. On Kauai, we often feel we are removed from many of the world’s woes. And that is largely true. We don’t expect stories like this to arise here. But today, we learned that is not always the case. And, when we do think about what crimes occur here, they seem to most frequently be associated with drugs.

The prior Kauai council member led a drug crime ring responsible for distributing large amounts of crystal meth in Hawaii. He has also been tied to a Samoan prison gang. In addition, he was accused of sex-for-drugs, and of a 2019 assault on a Kauai police officer when he was stopped.

In an ongoing process, others associated with Brun have also now pleaded guilty instead of not guilty. A dozen people in total were arrested in this successful Kauai Police Department sting operation.

Brun was previously denied bail and remains in the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu. Sentencing for what is expected to be a significant prison term is still pending the judge’s approval.

Prior to this, when employed by the County of Kauai, Brun earned an annual salary of nearly $70K per year.

Wikipedia credit photo of Hawaiian Airlines 717 parked in front of the Honolulu Federal Detention Center.Β 


7 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction | Kauai Official Guilty Of Leading Meth Ring”

  1. What I want to know is if he was involved with this while he was in political office??? Are there any answers regarding this, Jeff/Rob? If this can happen on a small Hawaiian island, it can happen anywhere. Corruption is inevitable in politics, and all should be scrutinized much more thoroughly. Politicians should not be able to be bought or be tied with any public entities, while in office, and should never be able to take money from companies/PAC’s influencing policy.

    Mahalo for the Update.

    1. Hi Jim.

      Thanks. We don’t have any more information, but we’d have to believe that that was going on before and during his term as a county council member.


  2. Your article fails to mention that Brun was an elected representative on the county council. A huge breach in the public trust. How long had Mr. Brun been operating ? Why was he not caught earlier ? The integrity of the elected representative system has been and is compromised. The council continues to allow unbridled development to the detriment of the Kauai island environment and quality of life for the residents. Our society on Kauai should elect all new council members, no incumbents.

  3. Oh my goodness! Sounds like the Police deserve a big pat on the back. Good job! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. Hi Rob and Jeff. Great news regarding the apprehension of this criminal. Can’t people enjoy island life without being on drugs. And meth is one of the worst drugs ever. So hard to get off of and makes your personality crazy and paranoid. Who wants to feel like that. We already live in a troubled enough world without adding that #*+; in it. Please follow up on this guys crime. I pray he gets a stiff sentence for abusing physically and mentally the people in the islands. Mahalo on your report.


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