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Team-Ups: Alaska Airlines And Delta Airlines For Earth Month

Alaska Airlines announced plans for Earth Month this April; it is partnering with The Surfrider Foundation in the preservation of beaches, waves, and oceans here in Hawaii, as well as in California and the Pacific Northwest. That while Delta Airlines has a set of plans of its own.

Through a series of events planned with Alaska employees and members of the Hawaii, California, and Pacific Northwest communities, they plan to “clean up beaches through Surfrider’s extensive network of grassroots leaders and volunteers. We’ll also work together on ongoing cleanup and restoration projects and collaborate on education and advocacy to support the reduction of single-use plastics.

Alaska’s director of sustainability, Scott Coughlan, said, “We’re committed to being part of a positive future for the role that our ocean and coasts play in our communities…The Surfrider team truly walks the talk, rolling up their sleeves to clean up beaches and other impacted areas. We are excited to share our passion for bringing people together and for sustainability, to partner on this journey.”

Alaska said it is the first airline to “eliminate plastic bottles, cups, straws, stir sticks, and citrus picks from inflight service, annually reducing more than 2.2 million pounds of plastic waste.”

#FillBeforeYouFly is the new slogan.

Soon to be long gone are flight attendants walking up and down the aisles with plastic cups to be used and thrown away. That as Alaska Airlines has set its own goals for reducing environmental impact related to carbon, waste, and water. By 2025 they plan to replace the top five single-use plastics from onboard service.

Alaska says they will now encourage guests to join in by bringing their refillable water bottles. And use the corresponding hashtag #FillBeforeYouFly.

Surfrider Foundation has been around for 40 years, seeking to help “protect and preserve the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches for all people through a powerful activist network.”

Delta Airlines also teams up for Earth Month.

Delta is joining in the efforts. “That’s why we’ve invested in small steps – like reducing waste and single-use plastics on our flights – and bigger commitments like our partnerships with Gevo and Airbus.”

A sustainable future starts with a more sustainable mindset. It means that every decision should consider the impact on our planet.  — Pam Fletcher, Delta’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

Starting this month, Delta is partnering with conversationist/animal behaviorist Dr. Jane Goodall to curate “Top Picks” on Delta’s entertainment system that pays tribute to the earth’s natural wonders. It includes inspired stories like “Jane Goodall: The Hope,” “Planet Earth II,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Before the Flood.”

Also, on select flights of 900 or miles plus (think Hawaii), delta will offer their business and first-class passengers plant-based meals. We wonder if that is also being brought to economy class meals on those Hawaii flights where Delta has meal service.

Delta previously removed many single-use plastic items on board, including stir sticks, service ware wrappers and straws. They are also using bamboo cutlery on some flights and biodegradable dishware. They expect this to reduce plastics by 4.3m pounds annually. While in beverages, Delta is now serving wine in aluminum cans.

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