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Volunteer on Your Hawaii Vacation From Travel2Change and Alaska Airlines

Today Alaska Airlines and travel2change, a Hawaii organization, are joining to help connect guests to bring positive change to the islands while offering fun and enriching activities. The new partnership helps those on a Hawaii vacation find and join in new experiences.

“We deeply appreciate the Hawaiian cultural value of Malama, which means to nurture and care for. Care is at the core of who we are at Alaska, and that means care for our guests, employees, communities, and the planet. We’re honored to be part of the Hawaii community, and as Hawaii welcomes visitors back to the Islands, we’re excited to work with travel2change to inspire our
guests to be mindful travelers and to help keep Hawaii strong and beautiful for future generations.” — Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska VP, public affairs and sustainability.

Travel2change said, “Join fun & impactful activities in Hawaii — activities are free or discounted.”

Opportunities include supporting native ecosystems, working fishponds and farms, and much more. The plan is to boost support for community-driven, sustainable options that produce positive community impact.

HTA said, “As we seek a more regenerative model of tourism that balances economics with the wellbeing of our communities and natural resources, partnerships like this are critical to build community capacity to welcome the direct contributions of visitors,” — John De Fries, CEO.

Alaska Airlines employees and other volunteers inaugurated the program, restoring agriculture at Kakoo Oiwi, a community-based non-profit on Oahu. The airline recently removed all plastic water bottles and plastic cups from their onboard water service, which will eliminate 1.8 million pounds of plastics each year!

Will you join in Hawaii’s new visitor volunteerism movement? 

Photo Credit: Matt Kent/travel2change

10 thoughts on “Volunteer on Your Hawaii Vacation From Travel2Change and Alaska Airlines”

  1. Aloha, my wife & brother will be on Kauai next week. We con’s to the island as often as we can, it’s our favorite place on earth. We have so much love & appreciation of the culture & the link to the and & sea.
    Couldyou please let me know of any volunteer opportunities such as tree pldd add bring, beach clean up, etc.
    we will be on the north shore from 5/27-5/30 & Kapa’a from 5/30-6/2.
    Any info would he appreciated, as we would be honored to give back.

  2. Hello would you please send informa tion to my email – i don’t would love to voluntee in Oahu late September 2022. I look forward to it. Rebecca J. Kelly

    1. Hi Rebecca.

      As we just commented, hopefully, compendiums of these opportunities will be an aspect upcoming soon.


  3. Yep. Did that about 15 years ago and every year since til covid shut us down. Surfrider on Kauai has beach clean ups usually twice a week and it is fun and satisfying to meet people and do a good deed. Look ’em up and join in.

  4. National Tropical Botanical Gardens welcomes volunteers to the 3 gardens on Kauai and Kahanu Garden on Maui. Our day volunteering at Limahuli on Kauai’s north shore was a highlight of our trip. Check the website for opportunities. Mahalo for all you do!

      1. Hi late September 2022 looking to support volunteering where I fit in. 09 -24 – 22. – Oct. Please let me know whats available? Where can I help- I would love ♥️ to volunteer yoga meditation skills with teens & kids🤗😂😁👍🤙🤙🤙🤙 all beings R welcome please – thanku, Mahalo! Alllove becca

        1. Hi Rebecca.

          We do not have those resources available. Others may suggest. Hopefully, compendiums of these opportunities will be a part of what’s upcoming. Thanks for asking.


  5. For all those who post saying that Hawaii is only for the rich visitors, this program and others belie that assumption. When I first moved to Hawaii, I too was struck with the plethora of events and opportunities to express my kuleana for my new home. To this day giving is the reward received in multiple ways when one opens one’s heart to possibilities.

  6. YES, I will join in. I always spend a lot of time sifting sand for debris and picking up plastic when I’m on the beaches of Hawaii. It’s shocking how much plastic you’ll find.

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