With Dean's Drive-In Gone, Guy Fieri's 14 Top Hawaii Picks

Guy Fieri Top Hawaii Picks: Open and Shuttered

Even highly regarded Guy Fieri favorites can still suffer reduced hours or close temporarily, or permanently, including these below.

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22 thoughts on “Guy Fieri Top Hawaii Picks: Open and Shuttered”

  1. We were just at Nico’s in late June. It was busy around noon, but the line moves quickly. Plenty of parking, your order comes quickly (you get paged), and the food is always fresh at a reasonable price. My favorite is the grilled ahi salad, and don’t forget about dessert – the cookies are decadent!

  2. We are leaving to Hawaii tomorrow. We are going to visit both Oahu and Maui. We Love watching Guy and plan on trying out some of the restaurants you have listed. We are very excited since it is our first trip to Hawaii.

  3. I was stationed on Oahu for almost 5 years & I loved the Slavonic Steak from the Crouching Lion. I know they are closed now but would love to find Any restaurant on Oahu that serves Slavonic Steak. If anyone has the answer, Pleaser let me know who & where.

  4. Is the Big Wave food truck better than Giovannis Shrimp truck? I thought Giovannis was an institution on the North shore. I’ve never even heard of Big Wave.

  5. I live on Maui so make frequent visits to Thai Mee Up and love the pork ribs, but you forgot Three’s Bar and Grill which has been featured on DDD and it is fabulous!

  6. Next time Guy should try the pork cutlet gravy all over at Mililani Restaurant and the NY steak and mochiko chicken combo at the Liliha Ave. L&L. That L&L is the best.

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