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86 thoughts on “Three Airlines Fast-Chopping Hawaii Routes In Shakeup”

  1. Most likely that pent up demand thing is coming to an end. The price rises were just too steep for most people to live with and airlines don’t like to fly empty planes.

    1. A few times we were booked on a wide body, United, and due to snow and ice storms incoming flights never landed on time. Imagine 17 people on the entire plane, First Class had Ten Passengers while Seven People had the Rest of the Plane. Pulled up the seat arms and had a Wonderful Sleep most of the way to Oahu!

  2. We used to fly directly from Portland to Lihue and back, but that flight was canceled and we had to fly to Seattle and change planes recently, which gives Alaska another chance to lose our luggage, although they didn’t.
    They have eliminated most of the direct flights to Maui, also, which is sad. Direct flights to both islands and back were always full before.

    BOH, do you think that will change in the future once this mass of tourists flooding Hawai’i calms down, or is this a permanent thing? We’ve been going to Kaua’i for years and have never seen it so crowded. Our family who lives there said it was famine before, but now it’s feast, with some unintended consequences.


    1. Hi Nancy.

      Not sure which change you’re asking about? The consolidation flights or the elimination of the PDX-LIH nonstop. If it is that flight, then it will be back at least starting the end of November.


  3. We’ve never taken a non-stop to Kauai. No matter whether we left from LA, Las Vegas or Phoenix (our usual for the last # of years), we always had a stopover in Honolulu. We actually enjoy it – it breaks up the sitting and gives us time to have lunch (on the way over) or breakfast (on the way back). We’ve never missed a non-stop so we won’t miss it now! (We’ve always flown Hawaiian since about 1997.)

    1. I agree the stopover was nice when we did fly Hawaiian now it is a plane change in Las Vegas still a full day in each direction and more leg room on Southwest.

  4. This has more to do with airline staffing than lack of business. Just look at all the airline complaints this summer. Do you want bad service or good service? Unfortunately until the staffing issues subside,Hawaii won’t be the only area to suffer.

  5. Still disappointed that Alaska pulled out of Oakland. Neither SFO or SJC is convenient from where we live. We took many flights on Alaska from Oakland to Kona. SWA does not have convenient times, nor the same in-flight experience as Alaska.

  6. Changes on everything now is the norm. My burning question is what is it Really like flying from LAX to HNL on Southwest? I can’t imagine.

  7. Echoing all the Sacramento to Hawaii comments. It’s so convenient to fly out of Sacramento and it looks like all of the nonstop flights are gone. We have a toddler amd it’s silly for us to drive down the the bay area and stay in a hotel to be up super early. My question is can Honolulu airport handle being a hub for all the layovers?

    1. HNL has been an international hub for decades (almost since inception actually), it can handle a few extra mainland flights – especially with the newly expanded interisland terminal, interisland flights are once again plentiful.

  8. We always fly Hawaiian Air. They have always been on time and have a great crew. Until a few years ago it was a common thing to land in honolulu then shuttle to Maui. We are now spoiled and hope Hawaiian Air benefits from the loss.

  9. I have to laugh. Hawaiians wanted less tourists. Airlines are listening. Hawaiians don’t want you there. Find other places to go. They will be happy. You will be happy. The Airlines will be happy to cut more routes. Once again, good luck Hawaii. Your economy thanks only you.

    1. Do you really think that airlines care about Hawaii tourism? The carriers are in the game for the $$$. The route cutbacks are because of cost saving measures Only!

  10. We have a flight scheduled from Los Angeles to Kauai in the beginning of September. After reading above, I called the airline and was told, that route has Not been canceled. I guess only time will tell. Thanks.

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