Tip for a Jellyfish Free Hawaii Vacation


Has this ever happened to you?  After a long flight to Hawaii you rush down to the beach only to see Jellyfish warning signs.  This let down can be avoided with proper planning.

Tip: Check the full moon calendar when planning your vacation and add 8 days.  This will give you the approximate date jellyfish arrive on south facing beaches.  Expect them to be a problem for 3 days.

Examples of south facing beaches are Waikiki, Ala Moana, Haunama Bay, Waianae Coast (Oahu) and Poipu (Kauai).  Maui and Big Island have less frequent problems.

If you’re here during a jellyfish invasion, talk to the lifeguard for advice.  Also check the beach to see if any jellyfish have washed ashore.

We had our swimming interrupted this weekend by jellyfish on Oahu.  There were 170 people stung on Oahu this past Sunday and 1700 jellyfish collected.  While we stayed out of the water on Sunday, we swam at Ala Moana Beach Park early on Saturday before the jellyfish started to arrive.

The best way to see a jellyfish up close is at Waikiki Aquarium where we took this picture on Sunday.jellyfish2

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  1. Aloha Jeff,
    Never heard the moon being involved in the showing up of jelly fish but the reason might be that the Big Island rarely gets hit by the box jelly fish as Honolulu does. The jelly fish signs happened to us in Waikiki too.

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