TripAdvisor: Waimea (Kauai) #5 Top US Travel Destination?

waimea cynThose TripAdvisor engineers are at it again with their self proclaimed, “proprietary algorithm.” It’s forecast findings for 2010 named Waimea as #5 in top US travel destinations.

I love Waimea as well as anyone, but am not sure I would rank the town as your “must see” destination on Kauai.

It’s a cute and folksy community just down the road from home and a favorite place for its quaint movie theater, stores and an occasional JoJo’s Shave Ice.

Beyond that, and some community events like parades and parties, Waimea is completely off-radar for both tourists and locals alike (unless you live there).

Waimea has one reasonable accommodation, the Plantation Cottages. And it does put you only a half hour away from gorgeous Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Parks.

Staying in Waimea, however, will put you at the western-most part of the island, 45 minutes (or more depending on traffic) from Poipu or Lihue and a good 2+ hours from Princeville and Hanalei. The beach is not good, though it’s murky waters are a favorite hangout for sharks (no joke).

This TripAdvisor forecast, with no supporting information, unfortunately only continues to undermine any value Beat of Hawaii ever placed on the Expedia-owned review site.

I’d enjoy hearing your comments.

Photo note:  Waimea Canyon.  I’ve never taken a photo of the beach at Waimea, as it simply isn’t photogenic. Looking at Google images, I guess others concurs as I couldn’t find a single photo.

5 thoughts on “TripAdvisor: Waimea (Kauai) #5 Top US Travel Destination?”

  1. Our hike to the top of Waipo’o Falls in Waimea Canyon was the highlight of our trip last spring. In Waimea, we enjoyed some beer and lunch at the Waimea Brewing Company and a treat at JoJo’s Shave Ice.

  2. You wanted comments on Waimea but the link didn’t work. As a travel consultant, I went for part of a day to see Waimea (did not drive up to the top…no reason to) and it was beautiful but that would just be part of a day while staying in the Poipu area. The town was quaint and interesting to see…had a shave ice.
    Also went to Kapaa and Coconut Marketplace and saw surfers with their dog on the boards. The BEST drive was through the Tree Tunnel from the airport to the Poipu area…stunning. Had a mass said at St. Raphaels Church in Koloa and bought a painting of the Tree Tunnel in Koloa town. Of course the “chickens & roosters” that walk Koloa town was pretty funny. As far as trip adviser goes possibly you want to contact them and tell them your views. Hope this was helpful…

  3. I live on Kauai. Waimea canyon is to me wothy of being in the line up of to do spots in the world. They put it up with Canyon De Chelly which is one of my favorite spot on the planet. I do think visitors should go there but agree they might want to stay on the northshore and drive over for the day. It is so crazy that Kauai has these outstanding beaches and a Waimea Canyon. The contrast on a litle island are what make it so formidable…. out in the middle of the Pacific.

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