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31 thoughts on “Turo Hawaii Car Rental Prices Collapse To $32/Day”

  1. I would invite the public to ask why car rental agencies now occupy the entirety of the Maui airport parking expansion, and why the existing ground level parking lot doesn’t want Turo rentals coming and going, seeing as how their revolving door is more lucrative than a car that sits for an excessive period of time.
    Somebody is getting paid…

  2. My niece started Turo’ing a new Jeep Rubicon last month (which she also uses as a personal vehicle when not rented out) and her bookings in July and upcoming for August have not seem the reported collapsing of pricing. This article seems heavily influenced by the rental car company point of view. Sure having a dozen vehicles parked around your house makes you a “bad neighbor” but perhaps no worse than the 50 feet of curb space taken up by boats and their dedicated pick-ups. Every vehicle will be paying license and registration, so everyone is paying for on-street parking. Parking a vehicle on private property is of zero concern to the government. There is too much fear mongering in this article. House Bill HB1500 is a dead item for now.

  3. Just booked our first Turo. Minivan for 13 days on Oahu for just over $900. My insurance company emailed me back that I am covered. If you’re skittish you can get a rider from your insurance just for the Turo rental.

  4. Brand new cars going out for 45 a day isn’t a terrible thing for everyone but if you have 5day minimum with big discounts and don’t offer anything else and making 500-800 a month then yes you are in trouble.

  5. I think people should be able to rent their cars everywhere. That being said I don’t plan to use Turo again. They don’t practice business by well established rental agency rules. It’s a bit ‘wild west’ and the owners can be unreasonable. I had a bad experience in Maui with Turo.

    1. Read the reviews , communicate with the host and reserve accordingly. The same is said about Airbnb , Uber , etc. basically any peer to peer platform has these issues. The problem is if the company doesn’t respond.

  6. Hi Jason G. We were on vacation in Oahu and rented a Turo 2017 Nissan Rogue for 18 days, the entire time that we were there, and the total cost was under $600.00! It was a very nice vehicle and we had unlimited mileage. It’s worth checking all of the options before deciding. We could have gotten smaller vehicles for around $23 to $34 per day and all were no older than 4 years old.

  7. I always use AutoSlash for finding a good car rental deal! It helps two ways – first, with the initial reservation, and then with a tracking feature that lets you know if the cost has gone down. Thank you, Beat of Hawaii, for writing about it a few years ago! Since then, I have used it for every car rental I’ve made anywhere – and each time, I’ve saved money with the rental, sometimes substantial amounts.

  8. Turo is great, car rental outfits want $1,700 for ten days in October, Turo $900.00 The rental car companies are gouging people beyond belief. Much like the hotels, oh you want to stay here well its not just the room rate, its also $$$ for parking, towels, resort fees etc.. gouge gouge gouge – I did notice on Maui there are several local owned car owners who use Turo that deliver and pick up from the airport, so the cars are not just parked there. other people who rent cars are not insured, and neither are you if you rent from an indivdual, check with your insurance company, you’re not insured. Beware

  9. Apparently those prices have not yet gone down for our next trip in February. The Turo prices are most at or above the rental agency prices. Once I account for the extra time and hassle to clean the car or pay the fee it is not worth the $40-50 savings. I will keep checking, as always, for cheaper rates. I do not book the prepaid rate until 1-2 weeks ahead so I can get free cancellation even though it is usually cheaper.

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