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34 thoughts on “Vanishing Two-Across Seating. Flights To Hawaii. What To Do?”

  1. It is disappointing that the newer Jet Aircraft have gotten away from 2 across seating, I would pay more for it…

    1. My family of 3 recently flew to Kauai via Hawaiian Airlines. I paid for economy upgrade so that my 6’2″ husband could have legroom. Upon boarding, we realized we did not get what we paid for, as the planes were changed. The flight Attendant said that Hawaiian “keeps doing this” and to contact them for reimbursement. I tried and got no response. I’m out $120! Would Hawaiian check this out and help me? RT Oakland. CA. 12-21-23. Return flight 12-27-23.

  2. Yes! This topic is on my mind as since booking my flight to Hawaii in Feb for a trip in Oct Delta switched my seating (purposefully paid for comfort plus and 2 across seating) to 3 across. They also have all of the Delta One seats, except for 9 blocked. It makes no sense. I am beside myself with frustration and when I spoke with an agent she was pretty much like “well, that’s just how it is”

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