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42 thoughts on “Hawaii Visitor Trespassing Rescues Continue As State Seeks New Rules”

  1. These kind of incidents make me both sick, & furious. As one who truly loves Hawai’i, it’s people and the Aina, I’ve spent months on the islands. Trespassing is breaking the law, on vacation or not. Warning signs are to be heeded. To endanger oneself is stupid. To endanger first responders, helpful locals, etc.? Reprehensible. I like the idea of the insurance option, but if visitor breaks the law and gets in trouble, he/she should be fined big time if no insurance to cover their foolish expenses.

  2. As a frequent visitor, I firmly believe that anyone trespassing or otherwise participating in behavior specifically forbidden – both visitors and guests – should be held financially responsible for the cost of their rescue. If you don’t want to follow the rules, fine, but the cost of your ignorance shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of Hawaii taxpayers.

  3. It’s pretty easy. If you are trespassing, you are breaking the law. Therefore if you are dumb enough to get hurt, the cost of the rescue and recovery should be on you and you alone. Can’t pay? Well then you have a lein placed on any property you own. If we have learned anything (especially over the last 2 1/2 years) is that many people act like they are entitled and don’t need to abide by laws, rules or regulations. Start holding these numb nuts accountable and things will change. Also, if someone jumps over a fence like what happened at Akaka Falls and they slip, let them fall. It will help thin the herd

  4. If trespassing requires a rescue I agree with a law to seek reimbursement. I do not agree with the more general law of disregard for safety…who decides? If I’m hiking and I twist my ankle or break it am I responsible because I wasn’t wearing hiking boots? This law is left too open for interpretation and would lead to problems down the road

  5. I agree the trespasser should be financially responsible for any costs incurred for their rescue and treatment. Trouble will be collecting the funds, maybe put a lien on their property?

    Many years ago when I was in EMS at Lake Tahoe we got a call for a “leg injury” on a slope leading up to Heavenly Valley Ski area. So we arrive on scene and see a person up an ice covered slope laying on the ground. So we grab a breakaway litter and med kit and hike up to him. So as I’m bandaging his knee which had bones protruding through the skin I asked him how he got injured. “Oh I hit that sign post with my leg”. I looked up read the sign and said you mean the one in VERY large letters “NO SNOW PLAY, NO TRESSPASSING?” He said, “oh yeah that’s it”.

  6. I agree with Gerhard, today’s Hawaii airfares are way too low. What is it with the crazy airlines? It often costs less to fly to Hawaii today than it did 10 years ago.

    1. I have a friend that wanted to book a round trip flight from Springfield , MO to Sacramento, CA
      Cost? $1700 !!!

  7. Old saying “No accounting for stupid”. HI should pass a law with big-time fines for rescues of those who put 1st responders’ lives in danger by trespassing, being stupid, etc. Make fines big enough so the perps will never, ever return. Talking to my son who’s visiting on Kauai now. He told me of the Queens Bath rescue. Last time I visited we witnessed visitors going through an unlocked (why) gate @ the Waimea Canyon Kalalau Overlook. That earth is soft from much rain & if they slipped they’d be falling for a LONG time.

  8. Aloha Rob & Jeff!

    Again, that ever increasing sense of entitlement we’re seeing everywhere–except that Hawaii has
    so many more opportunities for this attitude to be illustrated in unflattering and dangerous ways.

    I imagine rescues in Hawaii in the past 2-3 decades have increased and correspond to over-tourism.

    I don’t recall hearing about nearly as many rescue operations when I used to visit Hawaii frequently in late 70s–late 90s.

  9. Based on our 40+ years of ownership and use of a 2nd home on the Big Island, your analysis of visitor trespassing, idiocy and ingratitude is too limited. There have also been multiple rescues at the Volcano, for which reimbursement (to say nothing of gratitude) should be required.

  10. To solve all those problems including over tourism, which I experienced recently, it is best to raise the air fares to $1000. Problem solved.

    1. How is that fair or right to the people who go to Hawaii and are respectful of the aina, the people and the culture?

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