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42 thoughts on “Hawaii Visitor Trespassing Rescues Continue As State Seeks New Rules”

  1. Over the years many of the beautiful areas traditionally enjoyed by residents have been purchased by wealthy individuals who then restrict access. Trespassing is certainly a serious issue, but one has to wonder what happens when only the wealthy have access to the areas once enjoyed by the local community. One of the greatest things about growing up is being able to explore your surrounding environment, not having to get in a car and driving miles to an overcrowded hiking trails. This really isn’t such a black and white issue.

  2. Aloha,. Someone suggested signs with cost of rescue it should be noted on the signs that the cost is also putting rescuers lives at risk. Perhaps statistics like how many rescues have been done at site. Also I hate to say this but we have seen in society that no one seems to be held accountable anymore. Internet bloggers love to sell clicks about these beautiful places but fail in mentioning these spots are dangerous or restricted. Everyone should have to sign up on entering Hawaii they accept responsibility for their actions!

  3. Yes, agree the violator should pay for those services if they are so unfortunate to require rescue. Their blatant disregard for their safety send first responders away from others who need services, especially now with the post pandemic staffing shortages. Auwe!

  4. I believe the trespasser should be charged 100 percent. I am 80 years old and am so tired of paying for the stupid mistakes that individuals do, right down to getting pregnant and then needing us to feed and clothe them because they are not smart enough to use birth control. If you ever want to have Beat of Hawaii with an Aloha heart beat, instead of all the bashing of visitors, start making visitors or any purportrators (sp) pay for their own mistakes.

  5. Just this past Thanksgiving, my family and I were on Oahu. One day we decided to go for a nature hike (my wife’s idea) so we went to one place in the Manoa valley, paid for the access and started our hike. My wife and daughter got to tired and stopped about 1/4 mile from the falls. I continued and got to the pool and falls. There was signage that told people not to enter the pool. Nope, there were lots of people standing in the water; climbing the falls and splashing around. I felt like yelling at them to get out.

    Some people just don’t care about rules. There should be fines or fees for rescuing these entitled people and signage to show how much it cost, minimum of $5000 for first offense, maybe.

  6. What a shame. These idiots that feel rules don’t apply to them are multiplying like rabbits. Not are they only endangering themselves but the lives of first responders as well(& the unappreciated locals). Our society, especially these younger generations simply have no respect for anyone nor anything. Not just the trespassing but total disregard of the islands beaches and the wildlife. We fell in love with Hawaii and are simply awestruck every visit. It’s an amazing privilege to just be able to visit. Like IZ sang in Hele On To Kaua’i …”The people there know they got it all”…”When I was young, not too smart I left my home, looking for a brand new start, To find a place that’s better still, Now I know, I know I never will.”

  7. Aloha Rob and Jeff. Re: Bob B. The property owner would not be liable for a lawsuit because the violater was breaking the law.He chose to ignore the fence/gate,the padlock,and the sign. The barbwire is a definite visual sign that a violater is not welcome to enter.I was going to suggest jail, but that would fall on the taxpayers which isn’t fair just like the rescues are not their responsibility either.

    1. Good luck on not being sued people will sue for anything, criminals injured while committing a crime sue the property owner and win, it really depends on which state/city the crime is committed in.

      I was informed by a resident in one state all you have to do is post “NO Trespassing” signs on your property fence every 200 yrds. I personally know of a county where you just have to publish the NO Trespassing Information in the local newspaper for 30 days. I was also told and don’t know if true, that in either of these areas the property owner has the legal right to shoot the Trespasser.
      When I was much younger working on a 1600-acre dairy, we dealt with trespassers frequently they were armed we never were.

  8. Agree that all, including residents of the islands, should be fined and pay the cost of rescue when trespassing or entering a restricted area.

    Signs do not stop any one willing to take the risk of a fine when entering a restricted area. Last week on BI I witnessed this over and over again where a sign clearly stated that the beach was closed to humans for turtle protection, yet people including locals net fishing entered the beach right next to to where the sign was posted.

    I own commercial property that’s had trespassing issues from day one. No amount of barbed wire or fencing has been able to stop the problem.

    The only full proof way of dealing with these issues is to turn Hawaii into a police state. Is that what you really want?

  9. My take from this story is that all of Hawaii should become a National Park for all to enjoy. I have been to several of the places described before they were limited to locals only. When entitled Hawaiians go around those no trespassing signs and need to be rescued (don’t say it doesn’t happen) it doesn’t make the local news or biased articles like this.
    So the solution is to eminent domain all of the islands and make it a national park so that everyone can enjoy All of the magnificence, not just the dwindling number of spot the local folk begrudgingly share.

  10. Illegal trespassing is unlawful, a crime being committed in all honesty. And having to be rescued due to a person’s illegal activities punishable by law right? Paying for preventable and illegal excursions and placing first responders in jeopardy of losing their lives must have consequences.The state of Hawaii has every right to be reimbursed for the people who insist upon entering areas that are dangerous or beyond the scope of physical activities people can’t safety handle. Hitting people in their wallets sends a message understandable for even the most foolhardy will eventually understand. Stay safe.


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