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40 thoughts on “What Not To Do In Hawaii | Ditch These 34 Things!”

  1. Great tips, but apparently tourists aren’t the only ones who need to be reminded about not harassing the the wildlife in Hawaii. After reading lots of the responses from the BoH post about wanting tourists not to visit most places in the islands, this article below really struck a cord. Kind of reminds me of that old saying about people in glass houses. westhawaiitoday.com/2023/03/07/hawaii-news/maui-man-accused-of-harassing-whale-dolphins-in-west-hawaii/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_news

  2. Great tips. Please also note that you should never turn your back to the ocean. You can’t predict when a wave will sneak up on you.

  3. For me the planning is half the fun. We came to Haleakala prepared. We had on jackets and long pants. We took day trips to the Big Island and Kauai. On Molokai we hired a local company (Molokai Outdoors) to drive us around. On Lanai we took a shuttle. On Oahu we rode The Bus. The Ilima hotel in Waikiki is less expensive than a lot of hotels but still very nice. A friend of mine ask me to bring her some sand back. I don’t think she understood why I couldn’t. I had some familiar foods from the Mainland but I definitely tried some island foods too.

    1. Stayed at Ilima (The Pink Palace) !! Great place. 3 blocks from Waikiki beach. Clean, wonderful staff, parking garage on premises. What more do u need ? I love my blue books though … the maps are detailed and I can write on them. Can’t help but bring a grain or 2 of sand home … stuck to shoes from beach … and was inside my bag … sorry tried hard not to. Advice to everyone is limit to 2 islands for a 10 day trip/1 for a week, otherwise you miss out on down time.

  4. Love reading all the articles I can find about Hawaii. Cruised around the islands back in 2017 and want to enjoy more time on some of the islands, especially the ones we couldn’t visit because of the weather and the ship didn’t stop. Was very disappointing. Keep up with helping me plan my next trip to the beautiful islands.

  5. Just like you would read up on a foreign country, do some research on Hawaiian history, geography, etc. before you come. Every Friday there’s a concert at the Palace. Also, you can learn Hawaiian via several free or low cost apps.

    If you want to go to more than one island, can’t recommend a cruise enough. You’ll get time to play and unpack once.

    I would not rent a car at Oahu at all. All of the taxi companies offered reasonable hourly rental rates for someone to drive you around the island and show you the sites you want to see. Whenever I needed a cab, I just walked to the nearest hotel and slipped the doorman a bill and they called one for me. I hate Uber but if you don’t, that’s probably an option as well.

    1. I agree, never rent a car on Oahu! The Bus is $1.25 (no transfers) for seniors, and I use it exclusively from Waikiki to Hawaii Kai to all over Honolulu! Just remember to have change, I had to pay $5 once since busses don’t carry change!

  6. Thanks for a well conceived list and good article. From the lack of comments, it would seem to be pretty agreed upon. Please add, be kind to the coral and do not stand on it or disturb it. It is alive and threatened. Same goes for the wildlife, as mentioned.

  7. 35. Hiking down to the Olivine Pools on north Maui. Unfortunately the Hawaii Revealed handbook is guilty of popularizing this deadly spot. People die and are maimed here every single year. The most recent was a tourist last month who is now permanently paralyzed. Heed the warning signs at the top and admire it form a distance; the waves and surge are treacherous even on calm days.

  8. Don’t forget to check Turo for rental cars. Supports locals and I have gotten great cars at about half the big company rates. Ditch Turo insurance and get a rider from your Own insurance company – make sure it covers Loss Of Use. I got a week long rider for $17 when Turo wanted $140

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