Far-Reach Problems Rock Iconic Hawaii Restaurants And Visitors

Wide-Ranging Problems Rock Iconic Hawaii Restaurants & Visitors

Troubles mount across Hawaii restaurants including legal, staffing, inflation, food, shipping, opening hours, and more.

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37 thoughts on “Wide-Ranging Problems Rock Iconic Hawaii Restaurants & Visitors”

  1. In this ever changing environment where Nothing can be guaranteed, one would suspect that most of the Covid deaths were of the 30 and under group. As this group chooses to Not work, despite higher wages and plentiful job opportunities, one might wonder if their intellect was stunted by smothering their brains by sitting on them too often. What else could it be. We all suffer while they stare intently at a wall. Time that their parents stop making excuses for them.

  2. I live in Hawaii and will not eat out at most restaurants because they poison the crap out of us with MSG! We need a movement to stop all MSG unless you want to apply it yourself. MSG causes rampant high blood pressure (my blood pressure goes so high I could have a stroke), headaches, promotes heart disease, severe anxiety (maybe because of pending death), joint pains, sleep disturbance as well as promoting cancer.
    People say they want umami flavor in their food but umami has not been made since 1950, instead MSG is used.
    If you have Alzheimer’s and heart disease or blood pressure problems in your self or in your family don’t eat out in Hawaii! You will be eating a ton of MSG.

    1. Sharon O Your Luck has changed, actually it changed over 2 decades ago but who really cares. MSG has been out of food, including Chinese, for a long time. I remember it all too well, the day that my Chinese Food lost some of its Delicious Taste forever. Sharon you can begin eating again, did someone play an Evil, yet hilarious, joke on you?

      1. You are both a crackup. “MSG causes… severe anxiety (maybe because of pending death)…” And “MSG has been out of food… for a long time.”
        You are both too much. I guess it is election season again, because clearly facts don’t matter, lol.

  3. Just came home from maui and there is some extra patience required for eating out but every experience was worth it. The wait staffs are working very hard and that should be appreciated

  4. We were in Maui for 2 weeks last month and fortunately didn’t have any of these issues. We ate at Da Kitchen, Sansei, Fleetwood, Down the Hatch, Monkeypod, Duke’s, The Beach Club, Leilanis, and more. I ate at a restaurant in Barcelona that had you pick up your own order and clear your table of dishes. Different but it worked.

    1. An interesting “opinion” about Expectations vs Budgetary Constraints. After observing what occurs after 4pm across much of Oahu most could point out the similarities between Many Island Residents and the Beer Budgeted Tourists. I truly tire of the disparaging references brought forth by the “I’m better than you” crowd primarily because they’re Not. It’s time to get over yourself and help the county heal.

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