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Updated: Is There WiFi on Flights To Hawaii? Free + Cheap Options

Updated 4/25/22. We have been waiting for years for Hawaiian Airlines Wifi to be announced. That just happened. The company indicated seven years ago, back in 2015, that they were evaluating criteria for good economics, strong Pacific Ocean performance and adequacy of bandwidth. We expect to see WiFi on Hawaiian Air flights starting in 2023. s

While they have been contemplating Wi-Fi, all of the other carriers have moved forward with it. Hawaii Airlines until today remained the last airline standing at this point without Wi-Fi. Even three years ago, CEO Peter Ingram spoke to their missing Wi-Fi. He said, “I think we are obviously a bit of a late adopter to Wi-Fi as we having not adopted it yet…. The satellite technology for over water service, particularly over the Pacific is even today quite spotty. And I think there were some providers that have better coverage over the Pacific than others. We are continuing to evaluate what the options are.” There’s been no update from Hawaiian Airlines on their plans for fleet-wide WiFi.

Beat of Hawaii’s take remains that trans-Pacific satellite Wi-Fi works quite well, based on our own experiences and those you have reported. We have used it on Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines to and from Hawaii. While it was far from perfect, that’s also true with airline terrestrial Wi-Fi service we’ve experienced over the U.S. We were just very happy to have it, since it was great for trip planning completion and for arriving ready for vacation, with encumbent last minute matters done before arrival.

Alaska Airlines $8 WiFi includes Hawaii flights.

Today, Alaska Airlines announced it’ll offer flat rate $8 per flight pricing for internet service on all flights, including to and from Hawaii.

Alaska said, “our flat rate satellite Wi-Fi and expanded entertainment selections are additions our guests will love. Coupled with our high-quality food and beverage offerings, served with our award-winning customer service on board, we’re able to provide what our guests expect from us – only the best.”

United Airlines also moved to $8/flight WiFi. See more on all the airlines flying to Hawaii below. $8 Wifi on Hawaii flights was kicked off by Southwest when they started flying to the islands. That price is going to stick across the board.

WiFi that starts working immediately upon boarding.

As part of the offering, Alaska said it’s WiFi will now load 50% faster than previously and will offer a quick click-to-connect single button interface. Even better, it’ll be available from when passengers board the plane and throughout the flight.

More than 80% of the Alaska fleet already has satellite WiFi. It’s fast and even offers streaming video support .

Even without paying the $8 fee, the airline still offers complimentary streaming entertainment with 700 movies and TV shows. Texting is free as well.

Four years ago, Alaska Airlines promised that it would bring satellite-based WiFi to flights to Hawaii. Alaska said at the time, “…experience high-speed, more reliable, and streaming-friendly Wi-Fi on all our planes to all destinations, including Hawai’i….”

Other Airlines | WiFi on Hawaii Flights

We spent a significant amount of time checking with the airlines as well as with the service providers themselves. It’s still challenging to find information specifically about WiFi on flights to Hawaii. Here’s what we know for now. If you have any further updates from your Hawaii flights, please let us know in the comments below.

1. American Airlines. Offers satellite-based WiFi on most flights to/from Hawaii. Cost ranges from $10 for two hours to $19 for the full flight.

5. Delta Airlines. Delta aggressively rolled out satellite-based Wifi across its fleet. That includes flights to Hawaii. They were the first to complete a large fleet roll-out. The cost of a Delta global day pass covering trans-oceanic flights is $28.

6. Southwest Airlines.  Southwest offers Wi-Fi on all flights including those to and from Hawaii. The cost is $8 for the entire flight. We haven’t used it yet, and have heard good reports. Let us know if you have tried it.

7. United Airlines. The company indicates on their WiFi page that the price is now $8/flight. That’s as of January. Previously UAL had some of the most expensive WiFi on flights in the US.

How do you feel about WiFi on Hawaii Flights?

In the beginning, we weren’t sure how we’d feel about Wi-Fi to Hawaii, as in many ways we’d always looked forward to five hours to sleep, read or do something other than remain perennially connected. And on the other hand, sometimes those five hours are a great way to close shop before hitting the islands or returning to the mainland.

While you ponder that, on to whether and when WiFi will be available on your Hawaii flights, and if so, at what cost?

Are you ready to pay $8 to $28 for Wi-Fi on Hawaii Flights?

Please let us know your thoughts and read others comments on Hawaii flights WiFi below.

Updated 4/25/22.

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  1. Second home owner in Kauai and i Book my travel based on internet availability due to work and a child with medical needs.

    The only internet wifi which works over the Pacific from the US to Hawaii is Panasonic.

    Southwest employs Panasonic.

    United Airlines used to have fleets with Panasonic. They have not lately and do not announce their planes (meaning if they have Panasonic) up until 72 hours before the departure date.

    I have received mixed feedback on American flights with and without Panasonic wifi.

    I had no luck with delta.


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