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With Over 100 Persons Vanished On Kauai, Who’s Next?

Why do some of the most bizarre and often tragic things occur here? Now over 100 Persons Vanished On Kauai.

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53 thoughts on “With Over 100 Persons Vanished On Kauai, Who’s Next?”

  1. Thank you for a most interesting piece. According to the information posted by Jesse’s sister, he has never yet been found. Is there additional information regarding his recovery?

  2. Thank you for the well written article. It was nice to read something about Hawaii that didn’t pertain to all the present unpleasantries.

  3. Wow, this is an odd interlude to the insanity going on almost everywhere these days. Thanks for the break from our unreal reality.

    To what do you attribute the inordinate number of strange happenings on the Garden Isle? The rugged terrain and remote locales? A relatively small number of residents leaving plenty of unpopulated areas for weirdness? Or some sort of cosmic portal attracting and claiming vulnerable souls?

    If Lemuria was supposed to be “heaven on earth”, this ain’t it.

  4. Years ago I saw a news program about Vietnam veterans who decided not to go back to their homes and instead set up camp on the Big Island in the Waipio Valley. It was portrayed at that time as being a dangerous place wrought with drug use and reports of locals hearing gun shots coming from there at night. Not a good place for unsuspecting curious hikers to wander into. Do you know if this is still in existence on the Big Island?

  5. I never knew! What a fascinating story! We hope to visit Kauai for the first time on our next trip to the islands. The hippy communes of Kauai sounds similar to Christiana in Copenhagen.

  6. Love the stories. In actuality the FBI has said, it’s much easier to get lost and not found in a big city, because of all the millions of people that someone can blend in with. Whereas in a rural area, it can be difficult for someone to blend in.
    Mahalo Guys

  7. Aloha BoH friends – at the risk of sounding kooky (even in my own head) – I have heard of Lemuria, and a month prior to moving to Big Island in 1987, had a (non drug induced) mystical magical experience in Mount Shasta (California), also associated with Lemuria, that continued through my time living on BI. I won’t go into details, but I can tell you that my personal life has never been the same.


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