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With Over 100 Persons Vanished On Kauai, Who’s Next?

Why do some of the most bizarre and often tragic things occur here? Now over 100 Persons Vanished On Kauai.

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53 thoughts on “With Over 100 Persons Vanished On Kauai, Who’s Next?”

  1. I remember my parents taking our family to Kauai in 1975 (I think). We stayed in Princeville. One day, when leaving Kee Beach, my dad picked up a “hippie” girl hitch hiking near the “cold pond”. My dad, mom, three siblings, myself, and one cute hippie in a bikini were all crammed into a rented station wagon. It became clear very quickly that she was living life off the grid and far away from the conveniences of life that we were accustomed to – specifically soap and deodorant. All these years later, my siblings and I still remember that pungent aroma.

    1. I was there one year, many years ago now, and I was introduced to a few grown men, in kapaa and lihue, they were up to no good, trafficking most likely, i made it out alive, escaped. So do not travel there alone, and stay in hotels and make a community while there, do not live the dream alone there, it is in fact dangerous.

  2. This is only a question why are so many people disappearing and noone seems like they know anything ?? Like David hall what happened to him ????

  3. I had heard about the Taylor camp but none of the other stories. Thank you for this very interesting article. I think I will have to do some Google research and learn more.

  4. Wow! What a fascinating bizarre history, I had no idea having moved to Kauai from the mainland a few years ago. As long as there are unspoiled places of wilderness left on this Earth, it seems humans will try to infiltrate them, often to a tragic end. Nature is wild, we must respect her power as well as her beauty.

  5. This past weekend Dateline NBC ran a show on Love Has One’s Mother G*d Amy Carlson who recently died. Your blog is very timely!

  6. “The group believes that actor Robin Williams became a follower of theirs following his death.”

    … if you didn’t think they were crazy before that point….

  7. “The group’s Wainiha north shore rental ended abruptly when the home and a vehicle were vandalized as more than 100 demonstrators encircled the home and demanded that the Colorado cult group leave Kauai.”

    That famous Hawaii aloha is still alive and well I see. 🙂

    I’m just glad all of these kooks are going to Kauai and not the big island.

  8. Hi! This was a very interesting post…thank you for sharing. I can’t find any mention of Dan Mark’s body being found…everything I’ve read says he is still missing. Would you be able to share a link with more information?

    Thank you!

  9. Looks like Amy Carlson has gone to the great beyond to talk to Robin Williams about his Love has Won church membership. The bodycam footage of police discovering her mummified body in a house in Colorado was just released 2 days ago….


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