Lahaina Noon This Week

Lahaina Noon This Week

Hawaii may not have the extra long days you’ll find in much of North America during summer solstice, but it does have an event you’ll find nowhere else in the 50 states. It’s our summer Lahaina Noon, wherein the sun passes directly overhead. This phenomenon, once before and once after the solstice, creates no appearance of shadows.

The second go around is starting up this week, with the exact date and time being based on latitude.

  • Kauai – July 11
  • Oahu – July 15
  • Molokai – July 16
  • Maui – July 17-18
  • Lanai – July 18
  • Big Island – July 23-24

“Lahaina” means “cruel sun,” and Lahaina noon takes place only between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The name was coined by Honolulu’s Bishop Museum in 1990.

Have you experienced a Lahaina noon on a Hawaii vacation?

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