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47 thoughts on “145 Hawaiian Airlines Flight Delays Monday. Why?”

  1. Hawaiian Airlines should consider more direct, nonstop flights to other islands from the mainland to islands such as Maui,and destination like Kona, Lihue from Ontario. The need to bypass HNL if all possible.

  2. The main runway, 8L, is closed for repairs until further notice. This means that planes will take a longer time taxiing out to reef runway, and taxiing to gate after landing. Once a flight is delayed, it tends to snowball.

    1. Interesting, because a similar thing happened on the last leg of my trip Monday 10/17. I was already on board my 1:05PM flight 303 from HNL to LIH when I received a text at 1:57 PM to advise that my flight now departs on 17 October 2022 at 1:50 PM.
      Is it possible there’s a computer glitch or lack of staffing like the rest of the World?

  3. Just flew KOA to HNL this morning. 12 -15 minute delay but the captain said us was because there is a runway closed in HNL and they are limiting the amount of flights in.

  4. I was on flight 43 from SJC yesterday and we were delayed for some time because of a medical emergency. Thank God it happened before we took off. HA flight attendants handled it like the pros that they are.
    Once the patient and companions deplaned we were on our way and I think the pilots were able to make up most if not all of the time lost in San Jose.

  5. We flew home from Maui to Oakland on Friday the 14th and were delayed 3 hours. In all the years of flying Hawaiian this is the first delay.

  6. We recently flew American from Idaho Falls to Phoenix. Flight was 2.5 hours delayed, and our dinner plans in Phoenix were nuked. The bar at IDA is OK if you like Doritos and IPAs, but I’d rather have the flight be on time.

    A week later, we flew Southwest from Phoenix to San Jose. Flight departed on time, and arrived a few minutes early. Dinner plans worked out.

    This Thursday, we fly Southwest from San Jose to Kauai (via Maui). All appendages crossed for on-time and uneventful both flight legs. Arrival time LIH 5:30 pm. Supposed to meet friends at Monaco’s at 6. Carry on bags only. Fast walkers. Curbside pick-up. What’s the over-under we make it?

    1. Hi David.

      Good luck. Let us know how it goes, and happy travels.

      As for food, the HNL interisland terminal food options closed down by 5 pm except for Starbucks and Sting Ray. And those don’t really work.


      1. Good to know, but we are changing planes at OGG, not HNL. And, our 6 pm date is at Monaco’s in Kapa`a, so we won’t be eating at OGG. I just assumed you guys know the place? If not, you ought to try it. Very good Mexican-style sea food, and he gets his fish fresh each afternoon.

        We are booked for a weekend in HNL in mid-November. Again SWA. I recall pretty long walk to get out to curbside pick-up from the Intra-island terminal.

          1. I also preferred the former location – still occupied by Avalon? According to the co-co wireless, Avalon was going to move or open a second location in Kilauea. We’ve not eaten there, but I am told people like it. Kilauea needs a few more options than the Bistro and Bistro Wine.

            The main problem with Monaco’s new location is trying to get into and out of the driveway with all the traffic backed-up. Patience needed much.

      2. Just landed at OGG 20 minutes early. Do they get credit to offset 20 minutes late on another flight?

        Need to kill an hour before boarding for Lihue. Fortunately, Sammy’s has Big Swell on tap.

          1. Made it to Monaco’s right on time. He makes great fish fajitas. Prices have gone way up since our last visit. I know, that’s trues everywhere, but was really noticeable this evening. they also add a “credit card surcharge” that was nearly 4% I haven’t seen that one before (except at gas stations).

          2. Hi David.

            Thanks for the feedback on Monaco’s. We haven’t gone there for a long time, but will try another Kauai restaurant tonight and plan to report back.


        1. Ahhh, the delicious Big Swell! The second IPA I found that I liked a few years ago (on Kauai!); the first was also on Kauai, a Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion. Now that our daughter and son-in-law live on Maui, we’re very fond of all things Maui Brewing. We even have a distributor for it here in Tennessee as if this year! I’ve bought Big Swell and Coconut Hiwa Porter recently in cans, and one of our favorite restaurants has Sunshine Girl on tap 🙌.

          1. Try Hop Island from Honolulu Beer Works. Also, Kauai Brewing (Port Allen with taps around the island) has a number of decent IPAs.

            H/T – the Bistro in Kilauea has Happy Hour every day from 3-6 pm with half price beer and wine. Big Swell is $3 a pint. They just changed owners, so hopefully the new guy keeps it going.

    1. That’s a great question. It’s 15 mins. Have to wonder how many of the flights are substantially delayed vs a short delay of 15-20 mins?

  7. Our flight HNL-LAS was delayed Monday by 1 hour. Pilot first stated he wanted to flight at a higher altitude for a smoother flight and this required a 13 minute delay. 30 minutes later he said they had to load some last minute cargo which would result in an additional 5 minute delay. 3 minutes later he said it would be an additional 20 minute delay due to more cargo needing to be loaded. None of it made any sense to me, but hey, they’re the experts.

  8. Not exactly on topic, but related to airline delays and issues. Departing KOA-LIH on Oct. 9 daughter’s ticket was cancelled unbeknownst to her and SWA could not explain why and could not get her on a flight until the next day. Never got explanation from desk agent or customer service online…..and no compensation for extra hotel night, car or food. Daughters SWA ticket for LIH-SJC for Oct.14 also cancelled for no apparent reason and no notification. Son’s KOA-LIH ticket was honored but baggage was lost. I don’t fly SWA. After their problems I still won’t!

    1. IDK what happened, but we fly SWA a lot these days, and rarely have major problems like an unexplained and ticket/reservation cancelation without notification. Did she buy it on their web site and get her confirmation number? Something very strange about that. The luggage think happens on all airlines. We try to only do carry-on (or gate check).

      1. She had confirmation emails from SWA on both flights. She shared that with check in personnel and with customer service. Never got a cancellation notice. Flight was not cancelled, just her ticket

        1. Something not right with this. Did the they charge her credit card? If so, I would raise a stink. I’ve flown on this airline probably over a hundred times, and never heard of someone’s ticket being mysteriously dissapeared.

    2. Hi Rob+,Jeff. Ok update time. We had the exact same thing happen today on HA flight from Kona-HLN-Lihue. It happened on the last leg. 30 min past boarding time because the plane hadn’t even arrived yet from where it was coming from. We received the email alert at 7pm and we boarded at 6:47pm. We arrived in Lihue at 7:35.

      1. Interesting, because a similar thing happened on the last leg of my trip Monday 10/17. I was already on board my 1:05PM flight 303 from HNL to LIH when I received a text at 1:57 PM to advise that my flight now departs on 17 October 2022 at 1:50 PM.
        Is it possible there’s a computer glitch or lack of staffing like the rest of the World?

  9. Aloha,

    Have you all noticed that HA 81 (AUS-HNL) seemingly can never leave on-time at its scheduled 9:20 a.m. CT departure time? I often wonder if it is due to the inbound (HNL-AUS) flight the night before is scheduled to arrive less than 12 hours before the next day scheduled departure.

    However, having taken this flight personally, it seems to also be a personnel issue as gate agents are often very behind in assigning seats and managing gate upgrades, and the aircraft often doesn’t get towed to the gate from its overnight parking until after the boarding time. I wonder if this is becoming the norm on other mainland-Hawaii flights.

    Thanks for the insight —

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