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47 thoughts on “145 Hawaiian Airlines Flight Delays Monday. Why?”

  1. Suggestions to airlines hire back all the people you fired for not taking a shot not wanting to be forced to take a vaccine just hire them all back problem solved easy fix
    Mahalo Julie

    1. All airlines actually let go a minuscule amount of employees because of their vax choice…for instance, I read where the head of United’s pilot union said 7 pilots were let go,,, out of more then 10,000 pilots. I do know locally that Hawaiian has said any of the handful of employees that left can comeback though…there’s a lot of misinformation being spread about airline employees and the vax mandate. It didn’t not cause any of the staffing issues they are experiencing, just like a bunch of American Air pilots did not die from the vaccine (that was being spread)

  2. How many total flights are there per airline?
    Hawaiian’s delays are out of total number of all airlines flights in a day? Or just Hawaiian’s flights?

  3. HA510, slated for 4:45pm at OGG to ITO.
    – Delay (service person said construction causing delays HNL)
    – Grounded for a service issue: 4:50
    – More severe than thought: 5:30
    – In fact need a new plane: 6:10
    – New plane 7pm
    – Wheels up 7:35+

  4. Recently flew Sacramento to HNL through Maui. Tried to check in the day before but HA’s computer glitch only allowed me to print a boarding pass for first leg. Got in line in Sac to check bags and get OGG to HNL boarding passes. Told by HA employee to use self-check kiosk, apparently not understanding that I would still have to go through a second line to check bag. Nonetheless she couldn’t get the kiosk to print the OGG to HNL boarding passes, so 20 minutes of wasted time before heading to the gate. Boarded OGG to HNL Boeing 717 (about 100 passengers) and then to wait 45 minutes at the baggage carousel in HNL (after a 30 minute flight). How incompetent of HA’s IT staff and it’s ground crews.

  5. I flew from HNL-KOA two weeks ago, the flight was delayed by 1 hour, when shortly before departing the gate , the Capt realized the luggage hadn’t been loaded…hello..pre flight check lists…

  6. A 3 and 1/2 hour delay from Kona to Honolulu on the 6:15 a.m. flight Saturday morning Oct. 15th meant missing a connecting Hawaiian flight to Los Angeles and important appointments. E-mail notification was after 11 p.m. the night before. I have to have more dependability from an aiine to remain a repeat customer.

  7. Recently I flew to HNL from KOA for medical reasons. The passengers were rabid carrying on as many huge bags as they could, and I got smashed in the shoulder, head and leg. We missed our departure window for these selfish tourists. HA needs to enforce the bag policy. Come on HA build the bag check price into the ticket as SW does. No Aloha here.

  8. I always fly HAL and honestly would not fly Southwest to and from Hawaii, I have traveled Southwest years ago on the mainland. I recently traveled from Hilo to Long Beach, CA via Maui, and then returned from Long Beach to Hilo via Honolulu. I already had a 4 hour layover in Maui and we were boarding when board was halted, I was sitting there as the maintenance crews came in and out and then the captain asked us to deplane and change gates because of a maintenance issue, we took off nearly 3 hours late and arrived safely. Returning, in Honolulu, I boarded, there was a delay with the 717 of approximately 30 min for a maintenance issue, we arrived safely in Hilo. My point, We arrived Safely! Late yes, but Safely! Thank you HAL!

  9. What do you guys have against Hawaiian Airlines? It’s obvious that you guys have a great distain for the Airline and seem to always want to highlight the issues especially when it comes to a rivalry with Southwest. I don’t know even work the company or have family that does and I’m in a way defending them because you guys don’t do your research and just make statements which creates false pretenses about the airline and how they operate. I’ve had my shares of bad experiences on HAL but they are outweighed by the good experiences. If you want to make a rivalry between HAL and SWA then I’d say if you want to fly safely and ensure you and your family is safe, fly Hawaiian. SWA safety record couldn’t stand up to HAL’s even if they tried.

    1. Kyle, I’m no fan of SWA and they certainly have epitomized the rude newcomer to Hawaii. They really are not in Hawaiians league. That said, I read BOH’s views as fair when they call out issues with HA.They have also pointed out much of what makes HA the best airline serving Hawaii. No airline is perfect and pointing out areas for improvement is not necessarily a bad thing. HA is the oldest airline in the US and should be able to handle constructive criticism. If they have an area needing improvement they need to address it. In this case they need to acknowledge that 8L is closed and they should adjust their schedule a bit.

      1. Kyle, I don’t believe the guys have an ax to grind against HAL. I think they are just pointing out a fact. I think most likely they do like HAL. I do understand that HAL is the largest employer in the state of Hawaii.

        That personnel answer, is most likely a good one.

  10. HNL has closed 8L for work….this would cause a lot of delays and since HA has far more flights at HNL then any other airline
    they would certainly be impacted the most. A 20 minute delay on one inter island flight in the morning can snowball throughout the day for that airplane if it can’t catch up due to 8L being closed. They have always had a tightly scheduled, efficient inter island schedule but I believe 8L is going to be closed for some time. I’m guessing they will need to rework their flight times till HNL is fully operational.


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