Ongoing Hawaii flight delays at all airports

210 Flights Delayed Again At 5 Hawaii Airports

It’s been three weeks since Hawaii flight delays last caught our attention. But unfortunately, these seem to be an eternal problem, as reported by the flight-tracking service FlightAware and by OAG’s FlightView. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 210 Hawaii flight delays took place at five Hawaii airports. These were a mix of short and long delays on both mainland and interisland flights.

On Tuesday, FlightView indicated that 50% of flights arriving Maui were either late or very late.

Maui flight delays

While Maui has its share of the problems, Honolulu took the brunt of the latest delays, with 98 issues listed. Hawaiian Airlines had the most significant number of delays of any airline again, with Southwest coming in second.

There’s still no specific cause we can point to.

Hawaii airport flight delays are continuing.

We aren’t used to this magnitude of late arrivals and departures here in Hawaii. The range of suspect causes includes “airline mismanagement,” as stated by the pilots’ association. That while the airlines instead have pointed fingers at the country’s air traffic control system. Then too, there’s just the number of people traveling, although based on editor Jeff’s experience Monday, interisland flights weren’t full nor were the airports especially crowded. So scratch that idea, it seems. Shortage of staffing? Likely, but who knows?

What does U.S. DOT have to say?

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, “We are still seeing far, far too many delays and cancellations.” Last week he sent a letter to the airlines stating that their performance was unacceptable and that they must meet a higher standard. In response, the airlines say they are bringing flights into better alignment with their available resources and are continuing to bring on new hires.

96 Hawaii flights were delayed at HNL.

3 American Airlines
2 Alaska Airlines
3 Delta Airlines
8 Mokulele Airlines
50 Hawaiian Airlines
19 Southwest Airlines
8 United Airlines
3 WestJet

60 Hawaii flights were delayed at Maui.

2 Air Canada
4 Alaska Airlines
3 American Airlines
3 Delta airlines
7 Mokulele Airlines
24  Hawaiian Airlines 17
16 Southwest Airlines
1 WestJet

30 Hawaii flights were delayed at Kauai.

5 Alaska Airlines
12 Hawaiian Airlines
10 Southwest Airlines
3 United Airlines

19 Hawaii flights were delayed at Kona.

3 Alaska Airlines
8 Hawaiian Airlines
7 Southwest Airlines
1 United Airlines

 5 Hawaii flights were delayed at Hilo.

4 Hawaiian Airlines
1 Southwest Airlines

Don’t get caught. Plan ahead for delayed flights.

While always necessary, we cannot think of a time when it has been so important to check on your flight before heading out. Not only should you check on your flight, but also check the incoming flight that will become your outbound flight. That way, you are sure they are both on time.

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32 thoughts on “210 Flights Delayed Again At 5 Hawaii Airports”

  1. This is not acceptable. We pain extra for a non stop flight from Portland to Kona and back. However Alaska Airline canceled and put us on transfer flights without any compensation.

  2. It appears that most of the delayed flights are interisland- once a flight from HNL to another island is delayed in the morning it will impact a lot of flights throughout the day.

  3. We flew into Honolulu on Monday, Aug 22, from Phoenix on our way to Hilo. Our first flight was on time. The plane for our flight to Hilo was late, and our flight took off about 45 min late. We overheard the gate agent say that 37 people had called in sick that day. Staffing shortages certainly can’t help.

  4. “Plan ahead for delayed flights.”? There are no possible “plans” that can realistically be made for a delayed flight from Hawaii to the mainland–or vice versa really. 9 out of 10 times you don’t find out about these delays until you are already checked in, already through TSA, sometimes already at the gate–or on the plane. How do you “plan” for that? (Aside from maybe just making sure you have food and water with you.)

    1. “Plan ahead for delayed flights” means mentally prepare for a delayed flight. That means not getting upset when it happens, chill and go with the flow. You’ll get there when you get there. That’s the Aloha spirit.

  5. I find it extremely difficult to read your articles with frequent pop up ads right over what I am trying to read. If I X it out, another one pops up. I have been reduced to reading the headline only. If I want more info I look elsewhere. It’s not worth trying to fight constant pop ups over the content. Thank you for listening. I hope somehow you can still take ads and make money without it covering the content.

    1. Hi Sue.

      We are always trying to improve how we do things at Beat of Hawaii, including advertising. Thanks for the input and our best to you.


    2. I don’t have the issue you describe. Ads are lined up on the side away from the article – at least on a PC. And I’ve never had an issue with my iPads.

  6. On a recent reservation, I paid the $4 to change my ticket from HNL-OGG to an earlier flight so that I would make my flight from OGG-DFW. In the old days, I could build in a 45-minute connection without checked bags. Now I’m building in 2 1/2 hours. I use the flight aware app and enter the airline and flight number so I can look back at how delayed a flight is on a daily basis. Checking Hawaiian airlines flights, I noticed there was anywhere from a 15-minute to 2 hour delay between HNL-OGG. So I built in the worst case scenario into my connection time.

    1. Hi Alfred.

      Yes, we’re with you on that plan. Jeff said he was afraid he might not make it back home if the return flight delay had been substantial. Luckily, this time it was not.



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