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$700 Fare Change On “No-Change-Fee” $100 Hawaii Airfare

It’s never pleasant to have to change travel plans. How three Hawaii-centric airlines handle changes.

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56 thoughts on “$700 Fare Change On “No-Change-Fee” $100 Hawaii Airfare”

  1. Had a similar experience on Hawaiian. the best way it worked was to get a credit back and then buy new tickets later anewhen we were ready to travel. It all turned out ok.

  2. Booked a ticket from Portland to Kahului one way for a Saturday. Found out two days later I had to work that Saturday in Portland and could not make the flight. Call center told me $700 plus price change for Sunday travel. Online seats were still available for considerably less. Explained that and got not where. Possibly, because call center is not based in US anymore. Banked ticket for now and bought new. This same thing happened in 2018 but the call center was very helpful and got me squared away for less than $90.00. I have flown Hawaiian as a priority over others. That has started to change for me.

  3. Thanks for sharin this valuable information. Though I like flying Hawaii@an, these continued customer service issues are quite concerning. I think I will stick with the major mainland carriers!

  4. I know some of your readers are not fans of Southwest Airlines but the way they price their fares, 2 free bags, truly no change fees, don’t charge you extra for a window or aisle seat, are able to reassign your credit to another person, if you purchase the Wanna Get Away + fare and their latest, with credits and vouchers not expiring, it’s a win-win for the consumer. True Transfarency!

  5. “Welcome” to the latest Hawaiian Airlines expression of its “Aloha”! First, nothing is Worse than Hawaiian customer service. It’s offshore as you immediately realize, the CS Agents have No authority, and the Hawaiian “system” is cumbersome, slow, you are put on hold constantly, etc. etc. Any requested change in my experience takes a minimum of One hour as you experienced! The CS Agents are not well trained, English is a second language (sorry, not their fault, but a challenge . . .).Soooo I have now shifted from Hawaiian to Southwest , or Alaska, even American to the mainland (American “better than Hawaiian”, I know). Oh, and remember the latest Marketing Strategy of Hawaiian they just announced, added charges now for ordinary seats!!!!

  6. We fly Alaska Portland to Maui 2-3 times per year. I have been thrilled with the no change fee policy! I watch the sales and if the new fare is lower than I purchased my tickets for, I can call and the agent gives me the difference. Sometimes I do this twice for the same flight if I bought them really early.

    1. Is this for regular main economy? And do you get the cash money back or does it convert to credit in your Alaska account? Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi guys, good to see you. Too hard to write on this format. We used to be your neighbors just down the street. Love the Beat. Hope all is well with you both. Larry and Darlene

    1. Hi LarryandDarlene.

      So good to hear from you and thanks for those nice words. We both miss seeing you regularly and hope all is well.


  8. Our afternoon Hawaiian flight to Hilo (through Maui) was cancelled. They reissued a flight with a 6 hour layover. The best we could arrange was a no extra cost through Honolulu departing at 7 a.m. This means we must depart at 3:30 a.m. This is not ideal, but in these times, we were happy with the outcome.

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