$78 Hawaiian Air Deal Doesn’t Stop Headwinds + COVID Cases Drop 17%

Read on for more about the $78 Hawaii airfare sales. Encouraging news today about Covid in Hawaii too, as the state has again reported relatively better numbers, with 429 new cases today, following yesterday’s 380 cases. These  had previously run-up to over 1,000 per day. Statewide reported cases are down 17% over the past two weeks.

Sometimes controversial and always outspoken Lt. Gov. Josh Green says Hawaii is still in a wait-and-see mode as to whether gatherings over the past Labor Day holiday will increase cases. Reports from police and the state DLNR were that Labor Day was a relatively calm weekend following dire warnings and the possibility of increased enforcement and substantial fines. State DLNR said that it “did not receive any reports and says everything was quiet over the holiday weekend.”

Hawaiian Airlines warns on near-term Hawaii travel outlook.

Hawaii bellwether and the state’s largest private employer, Hawaiian Airlines, has revised downward its guidance for the 3rd quarter, as a result of the governor’s request for a travel pause through October and due to a  broader slack in demand for travel during the latest Covid surge. International travel is also largely on hold. Competitors have lowered their third-quarter guidance too.

Barring anything unforeseen, Hawaii travel should be set to resume strongly from Thanksgiving onward through the holiday season and beyond.  The airlines have been discounting heavily, so there should be some great opportunities for Cheap Flights to Hawaii coming up.

$78 deals. Hawaii Airfare sales are abundant.

Hawaiian Airlines’ airfare sale and that of its competitors are ongoing, including for the period following the governor’s requested pause. For example, San Francisco to Kona is just $78 each way through mid-November. Other city pairs include travel to Maui and Honolulu from the Bay Area and Southern California are starting at $98 each way for the same time period.

When will you be returning to Hawaii?

16 thoughts on “$78 Hawaiian Air Deal Doesn’t Stop Headwinds + COVID Cases Drop 17%”

  1. We’ve been owners on the north shore of Kauai since 1986. We are now retired. With the current increases in car rentals, taxes, etc we are about priced out. We are deeded owners of two units and would like to sell but the market isn’t there. We are devastated we cant afford Kauai any more.

  2. Hi BOH Team,

    I looked yesterday and the fares were $78 each way, today they appear to be gone and back up to 450+ round trip. We are traveling 9/20-9/24 (coming up quick) did the sale go away and if so, do you think it will pop back up or should I book at the higher price I see now?

  3. We are here now, our 5th day on Kauai, going to Oahu for 7 more. We followed rules, treated others with kindness and respect, and have received the same in return. We have not, nor do we expect to become I’ll. Car rental was reasonable if you look, and we dined in restaurants as walk-ins, also great happy hours. The aloha spirit is alive and well. Treat others in the way you like to be treated. Mahalo!

  4. Still planning to visit the Big Island at the end of March 2022! All vaccinated and ready to do whatever I have to to get back to the islands. Mahalo for keeping us updated, BOH!

  5. Hawaii will suffer a brand hit as a result of their lack of concerted messaging. But it will return when the risk of serious infection or worse is over – if it ever is.

    I’ll continue to consider it my dream destination. The problem moving forward will be the constituents of Hawaii and how they vote.

    Politicians work in political spaces. Others work in problem solving spaces. As such, politicians were not prepared for, or even capable of, solving this problem.

    Thank God none were in charge during any of the first world wars. We’d all be speaking one of two different languages.

    1. Hi Roy.

      Those too are better. On Maui in October we found rates starting at just over $50/day.


    2. Not quite sure where you are looking, we arrived in Maui 9/6 and our rental car price with Budget is about $32 a day for a mid size car. Yes when I started looking about 5 months ago it was over $1700 for our 17 days….it steadily dropped and we are now paying less than $600.

  6. We will be on Kaua’i for five weeks beginning 3 March 2022. Looking forward to it. We jumped through a lot of hoops last March and if we have to jump through hoops again to get there next year we are “up to the challenge!”

    1. We are headed to the Big Island for 3 months Feb-April 2022. We were there November 2020–the requirements were not too cumbersome. Just uploaded my Vax card to Safe Travels tonight. Anyway, hope the covid numbers continue a downward trajectory.

  7. Aloha,

    Not sure where you’re getting $78 fares from SFO to KOA. Just spent 3 hours looking for airfare for end of Nov and the least expensive I could find on Hawaiian Air was $187. But as always, keep up the great work and information 🙂

    1. Hi Kathryn.

      As you can see in the post, we indicated it is “for travel through mid-November.”


    2. The $78 fares are EACH WAY.

      We are looking at going to Maui in October. We just came back from 5 weeks on the BI. The deals are just too good to give up…..

  8. We won’t ever return unless everyone, starting with Gov Ige make me, as a tourist, feel like a welcome guest.

    My first trip to Hawaii was in 1965 and we have visited 20, 30, or more times since. Those in the hospitality industry almost always make us feel welcome. Others – it ranges from lukewarm to hostile. There are plenty of more welcoming locations around the world. That’s where we’ll be spending our vacation dollars.

    Our most recent visit was 3 weeks in July. It will be our last vacation there unless the Welcome to Hawaii sign goes back up.

    1. Too bad you feel that way. We visited Oahu 8/10 – 8/17, we could not have had a more wonderful experience. Mahalo to everyone.


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