This Week's All-Hawaii, All-Travel, With 2,000 Comments

Updated: Hawaii Deals, Travel News, and 2,000 Comments This Week

Updated 12/13 to fix broken links. What a week it’s been in Hawaii travel from $55 airfares to Omicron and our take on how residents and visitors can learn from each other. See our highlights below of all the news we’ve just shared. A Hui Hou.

There’s More to Say About Hawaii Residents And Tourists. Over 800 fascinating comments where you sounded off. Please add your voice of reason.

Save Your Hawaii Vacation With This Video + These Still Overlooked Tips. We want to make your travels to Hawaii as seamless as possible. See details.

Hawaii Travel Re-Boot Underway: Will This Work? A change had been brewing in Hawaii travel for years. Covid was the catalyst to fast-forward the inevitable.

Supply Chain Issues Strike Hawaii Hotels. More visitors and these obstacles complicate Hawaii Hotel stays.

Omicron Dumps Cold Water on Hawaii Travel Recovery. Are you still planning a Hawaii vacation now with Omicron?

Last Call $55 Hawaiian Airlines Deals | Cheapest Ever. These prices from earlier in the week may or may not return again. 18 routes were on sale during these Hawaiian Airlines deals.

Hawaii Vacation Rental Squeeze As Crackdowns Occur Statewide. If you are considering Airbnb or VRBO, read this first before booking. Hawaii vacation rental squeeze.

Honolulu Latest to Hike New Accommodation Tax: Highest in the US. More taxes are confirmed for your Hawaii hotel or vacation rental. Prepare for some sticker shock.

9 thoughts on “Updated: Hawaii Deals, Travel News, and 2,000 Comments This Week”

  1. I’m a frequent flyer on Hawaiian Airlines. I get emails almost daily from them advertising low fares, and specials deals. I would love to go back to Maui. However, no matter how low fares go, I’m not going back until the state of Hawaii makes major changes to their travel policies.

    There is no conceivable reason to have mandated proof of vaccine cards or passports to enter and enjoy restaurants, and businesses. Most states do not have that ridiculous policy. And those states are thriving.

  2. Google Hawaii Covid cases and you will see cases are above 200 today and climbing again. Covid deaths are also spiking to about 5 to 8 per day, almost the worst numbers of the pandemic. Watch for new travel restrictions and be aware of the financial and health risks of vacationing at this time.

  3. My husband and I spent 4 weeks on Kauai and had a wonderful vacation. We Stayed at Poipu Beach and went to many local businesses and restaurants. All of the locals we met were kind and friendly. We talked about how glad we were to be on the island. ( we have been coming every year for the last 30) and how worried we were about all of our local friends and all of the locals in general. We noticed prices were higher and businesses had less help and closed earlier but we were so glad to eat.

  4. I have mixed emotions about BoH publishing all the negative comments from both locals and visitors. While it is important that the two sides of this issue get a better understanding of one another, I just wonder if publishing these comments increases the animosity between the locals and visitors and if it is detrimental to the building back of Hawaii’s tourism industry, which like it or not, is what puts food on the tables of the people who live there. Hateful comments benefit no one.

    1. You’re entitled to your opinion.
      Beat of Hawai’i only reports what’s going on. There’s a clear explanation of the standards of posting.
      Violation will get you NOT published.
      If you don’t like reading the negative along with the positive, don’t read it.
      We live here. Most people are behaving with Aloha.
      Others aren’t so much.
      Life is always a blessing. Good or not so good.
      Mahalo Jeff and Rob for your brave reports. We here back you 100%!
      Aloha 🌺

    2. Exactly. But as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity… or bad web traffic. It worked for FOX News… it will likely work for Beat of Hawaii.

      But, they also say that confession is good for the soul… so maybe allowing some of the hotter heads on both sides of the discussion sound off, they can release some steam and move forward.


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