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Supply Chain Issues Strike Hawaii Hotels

Back in the day, we were asked at Thanksgiving if visitors needed to bring their turkey. No problem we said, there are plenty here. But now you might be asking if you need to bring your sheets in addition to the turkey while staying at Hawaii hotels. And our answer might be less comforting. So much has changed including getting supplies here.

A study out today points out that 86% of US hotels are being hit by supply chain issues and over 70% are reporting increased costs and lack of availability for required products. We know that the same is true here in Hawaii, only it’s even worse than elsewhere in the country. That is because of our unique reliance on ocean shipping with complex logistics. For the neighbor islands, the problem is that much worse again, due to limited and often backlogged interisland barge services offered by only one company.

The problem is also clear when we go to big box stores like Costco and Home Depot, and find a wide array of missing cleaning products as one example. We reached out to several Hawaii hotels to confirm what we have been hearing but did not hear back at the time of publishing.

Meanwhile, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) said, “supply chain disruptions are impacting the operations of more than eight in ten surveyed hotels, and nearly three in four hotel operators say the disruptions are negatively impacting their business revenue.”

86% of hotels report moderate to significant supply chain interruptions, and the problem is getting worse.

“Hotels have a complex supply chain that requires regular procurement of a wide range of goods and services each day. And whether it’s production backups or shipping delays, supply chain disruptions are compounding hotels’ existing problems and increasing operating costs during an already tough time.” That according to AHLA president Chip Rogers.

Lack of availability (by percentage) for these critical items

Linens and other soft goods: 85%
Food and beverage supplies: 76%
Day-to-day cleaning and housekeeping supplies: 72%

There are currently backups throughout Asia, which is increasing supply chain shortages. Then too, US ports are unable to handle the timely processing of cargo ships. A global shortage of truck drivers is playing a role as well.

Daily room service gets further complicated.

Guests have been having a hard enough time getting regular Hawaii hotel room cleaning. With the shortages expected to continue, it is clear that sheets may be challenging to obtain.

As we attempt to recover from all that Covid brought, there is much pressure on the supply chain system here in Hawaii. That’s combined with labor shortages and not enough employees returning to work. Plus, complicated by the scarcity of required products.

Prices will continue to move higher for the foreseeable future, at least through mid-2022. And the bottom line is that the Hawaii supply chain is not able to keep up with the economy’s rebound.

Have you experienced any shortages staying at Hawaii hotels?

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4 thoughts on “Supply Chain Issues Strike Hawaii Hotels”

  1. My husband and I are coming over for Christmas break. We will bring our own soaps and towels. We understand the staff shortage. And appreciate all that the staff do to make our stay as wonderful as it can be.

  2. I am currently in Hawaii staying in a hotel in Waikiki and there are no issues whatsoever. I requested housekeeping every other day and housekeeping is stellar. There are no issues. As usual, the people here make the stay, everyone is so nice and wonderful. I also have friends who are staying in other Oahu hotels and they say no issues.

  3. What better time to start making the things we need here in the USA? We have allowed our country to become dependent on foreign goods and services es. Bad when we can’t get hotel sheets and cleaning supplies. Worse when we can’t get computer chips to make cars.

  4. I am currently staying at the Napili Kai Beach Resort on Maui. An employee said they still have a staff shortage here but you wouldn’t know by looking.


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