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Hawaii Tourism Has Issues with Growth, Plus Industry News and Hawaii Culture

What are the issues with tourism in Hawaii? As you’ve noted, there are pluses and minuses. This has been a busy week of industry news, and Hawaii culture too. Thanks for participating as we recap the past 7 days! We appreciate it and always look forward to your courteous comments.

Growth Issues as Hawaii Travel Increases.

1. How Some Tourists are Ruining Hawaii Travel for Everyone. 318 comments. It just takes one person to wreck it for others. With some ugly details.

2. Hawaii Visitor Trespassing Rescues Continue As State Seeks New Rules. 38 comments. Would you be grateful if someone saved your life in Hawaii? Not everyone is.

3. COVID Roars Back Here On Kauai As CDC Issues Highest Warning. 85 comments. Our own experiences here have just changed dramatically. Full details.

Hawaii Travel Industry News.

4. Pilot + FAA Faulted in “100% Preventable” Tragedy | Hawaii Helicopter Tours. 65 comments. NTSB: “This tragedy should never have occurred.”

5. Southwest Hawaii Flights Among First With Onboard Chargers, Faster Wifi, Bigger Bins. 19 comments. Big flight upgrades ahead.

6. Following Failed Ferries, Hawaiian Air + Mokulele Both Plan 100-Seat Electric SeaGlider. 28 comments. Maneuvering within harbors like a boat; once in open water, they rise to operate more like a plane. But what about humpback whale safety?

Hawaii Culture this Week and Free Trips to Hawaii.

7. Free Trip to Hawaii Travel Sweepstakes For May 2022. 704 comments. Five contests; don’t delay as one just ended.

8. Who Owns Hawaii | Island By Island. 47 comments. You may be in for a surprise. Have you ever wondered who owns the land in Hawaii.

9. Aloha is a real law in Hawaii. 15 comments. Aloha is more than a word. It’s both the law in Hawaii and the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands.

10. Unique “Cruel Sun” | Lahaina Noon Starts Today | Only In Hawaii. 19 comments. “Cruel sun” event runs through July 27. Enjoy this only in-Hawaii event.

Stay tuned for more Hawaii travel topics as the week unfolds here at Beat of Hawaii.

8 thoughts on “Hawaii Tourism Has Issues with Growth, Plus Industry News and Hawaii Culture”

  1. We do not need any help in the tourism department what we need help with is overcrowding due to overtourism how that seems to take priority over everybody else living on the island despite how we feel. We thought Covid would turn things around and make things finally better but I’m not so sure about that.

  2. Hi Rob and Jeff. I think you two ought to start a magazine. You have so much informative info that I would subscribe.Hows that for a new idea? Stay safe with all the new covid cases. Sad to hear that. Hope everyone still has masks left over to carry them through the next round. I haven’t stopped wearing mine whenever I go out anywhere. Can’t be too careful. Aloha and Mahalo.

    1. Hi Debra.

      Thanks for your prolific comments and your support! Much appreciated.


  3. Hawaii is and has been since my first visit in ’58, a true paradise with an Aloha Spirit that transcends race, religion, wealthy, poor, men, women and kids. If allowed in, it will make your visit very special. Give it a chance and your vacation will be one of the best you’ve ever taken.

  4. Mahalo Jeff and Rob for these ever thought provoking updates!
    You guys are always there like a beacon in the dark, bringing us into the light.
    On Maui, we’ve had a few cases of COVID lately. Nothing to write home about, but everyone I know is sweeping it under the proverbial rug.. nothing to see here folks, move right along. They’re scared that we could have another economic meltdown if Covid comes back, heavy! (Aren’t we all)
    We all need to work together with Aloha and turn this mess around.
    If our government leaders won’t do it, we the people need to start the Aloha initiative! Pass it forward and teach Aloha by practicing it every chance you get!
    Blessings and Aloha to all!💕🌺🌺

  5. Aloha BOH Bro’s

    It’s an easy trap to fall into, but lately most of BOH tourism posts have been overwhelming negative.

    It would be nice to learn about how tourist and tourism is making a positive impact on keeping Hawaiian Culture alive. I know several posters devote time on the islands to animal shelters, food banks and cultural centers.

    It would be great to read some posts about local businesses offering unique services and products that cater to tourist.

    Always highlighting the few bad apples gets old how about a little at boys for those who respect and cherish the Hawaiian islands and the people living on them.


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