Airlines And Passengers Tussle: Frustrating Hawaii Flight Service

After American told flight attendants to not budge, the subject of service on Hawaii flights returns to focus.

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48 thoughts on “Airlines And Passengers Tussle: Frustrating Hawaii Flight Service”

  1. Hawaii has nothing to offer the world but close proximity to the mainland. The have zero economy without tourism and continually complain about tourists and then overcharge for everything. Karma Hawaii and yours just ran out. Go the vsbi..superior

  2. Last year I flew first class on Delta to Kona. The only service was a snack literally pitched to me. Additionally the seat was extremely uncomfortable. The flight was from Seattle and one of the worst I have ever had. Though I have thousands of frequent flier miles I decided that I would not fly DAL again to Hawaii. It’s disgusting how little the airlines give you for your money.
    Not valued.
    Patty G

  3. We always pay for the better seats. They are now costing more than 200 average from Nashville. Going home lady year they started to hand out crackers and cokes and when they got to our row, 3 rows down they said they ran out. We’re were starving. Thank goodness I had a few things in my purse. This trip we only got what economy was offered. With the cost of tickets you would think Anerican could go to Costco and buy crackers, right? It amazes me the ticket prices. We always fly American and have a credit card though them. The only people I see that gets good service is first class. They always have food and nice meals.

  4. The suggestion to “write and complain” is ok, but the only complaints the airlines would listen to would have to come from frequent first class flyers, in other words, those who have little to complain about. Airlines have made it clear, they don’t care about economy passengers.

  5. Domestic air travel has become a commodity almost like catching a bus ride. Your objective is to get from point A to point B in the least possible time with a modicum of convenience.

    You are not expecting a pleasurable ride with entertainment. Those days are long gone.

    The goal of the flight attendants are to maintain good order during the flight.

    1. We recently flew to Hawaii from Boise to Seattle to Honolulu on Alaska Airlines. The food we purchased ahead of time was terrible. The flight crew was rude & seemed like they wanted to be any place but on that flight. On the return flight it was worse. To start flight was delayed twice then cancelled. Our replacement flight did not have our pre-ordered meals transferred so we had no food on a 6.5 hour flight. The flight crew actually made an announcement that we should not use the call button uness it was an emergency . Basically “don’t bother us” . We then were flown to Portland instead of Seattle we arrived at midnight & no services or food at airport until 5am &again our flight was cancelled we sat in that airport until 8am


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