How Will Eating on 5+ Hour Flights to Hawaii Work Now?

Airlines Eliminating Most Food/Beverage on Hawaii Flights

There is likely going to be little to no food or beverage on offer in the future from what we are seeing. But, moreover, how are we supposed to eat or drink with face masks on?

It’s hard enough trying to figure out how to to manage a trip to Costco, let alone figure out what we should be prepared for on the next flight to Hawaii.

Airlines Eliminating Most Food/Beverage on Hawaii Flights.

Big changes are happening in the area of food and drink. And don’t bother going looking for the in-flight magazine to see what’s on offer, since those magazines are gone now. So too is the concept of pre-ordering free or paid meals.

Southwest is suspending many in-flight services. “We are not serving snacks or beverages in-flight to limit personal contact…. You’ll want to be prepared to eat in advance or simply bring those items with you for your next flight.” (Beat of Hawaii says: That’s going to be interesting on 5+ hour flights any way you look at it).

Alaska Airlines has greatly reduced in flight services too. It is now providing guests with, “individual bottled water and a packaged snack.” End of offering.

Delta and American are bringing back food service in the form of a meal bag, after suspending those last month.

Hawaiian is the wild card. If you go their website and search for menus, it shows the regular offerings and 48 hour notice for special meals. We think this is not correct and an update is needed.

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Expect less water on flights to Hawaii

There’s another problem, and a possible side benefit, of no more flight attendants’ refilling water on long flights to Hawaii. You guessed it, you may be arriving severely dehydrated, but will have had fewer visits to the suspect restroom. Dehydration sounds better to us.

Speaking of aircraft restrooms, exactly who will keep sanitation standards there in-flight, and how. That will be interesting to see. On some carriers, like Singapore Airlines, flight attendants clean restrooms after virtually every visit. Not true in the USA, at least so far. We’ve been hearing about in-flight janitors. Where will it end?

Fascinating if not so bizarre

Jeff said that as an extremely frequent flyer for decades, he’s almost curious enough to fly soon just to see how everything is, or is not, going to work. On the other hand, he may just stay home and wait to hear from you.

9 thoughts on “Airlines Eliminating Most Food/Beverage on Hawaii Flights”

  1. When I saw your sentence starting “Speaking of aircraft restrooms…” I was immediately reminded of my flight to Singapore on Singapore airlines. Then I read your next sentence. After every visit, a flight attendant was in the restroom within seconds to make sure it was spotless, including wiping out the wash basin. Singapore trains their flight attendants for six months versus the almost embarrassing 4-8 weeks for US airlines. And speaking of cutting down on service, I checked on reservations on United for a trip to Kauai next February and saw that even in Business/First Class rather than a hot lunch they are now offering a “snack”. And on a slightly different subject, I checked on car rentals and found that prices are double and triple what they were when we visited Kauai this past February. Since rental agencies lost so much revenue due to the vi rus this year, many are in debt for the cars they acquired for this year’s projected rentals. Hertz for example is looking at filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Hertz, believe it or not. Sigh. 😔

  2. We leave June 1st and are already packing food for the 16 plus hours back to Ohio. Taking water bottles to fill at LAX and MSP. Will let you know if we make it back alive.

  3. Just one observation; staying hydrated allows your immune system to maximize its response to diseases. Being exposed on a trip and spending 6-10 hours dehydrated on a plane is a sure way to get a strong reaction to a vi rus or bacterium. If they cut back back water, much more sense to buy some extra bottles at the terminal. $5-10 bucks is cheaper than taking sick leave off work or worse.

    I think one big change in US life which no one mentions is the habit of ignoring others and flying, taking trips, going to work has gone ahead when people are sick. That is not going to work any more. You start coughing on a flight and you will be asked to leave, you go to work sneezing everywhere and you will be told to go home. Time of not thinking about infecting others is over. So probably good to start taking the flight insurance as saying I cannot afford not to fly is not going to get you on a plane when you are sick and probably not in a hotel either. Won’t mention the HART as folks will get upset.

    1. Terrible allergies, cause me to cough and sneeze. Take allergy pills twice a day, nasal spray and shots. I sure hope not to get kicked off a plane.

      1. Susan M. if you have allergy medication then I think you should be safe but if it concersn you carry a note form your physician. I have to wear a dog tag with anaphylaxis warning. Hopefully the new cleaning regimes will lower your allergies as there will be far less dust and allergens floating about the cabin. I am sure you will be OK.

  4. I think it’s just an excuse to save money. I wonder if prices will go down. I think not. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda.

      Yes we’ll see about that. Same thought crossed our minds.

      Thanks for your dozens of comments over the years.


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