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Bike Sharing Comes Ashore In Hawaii

A new and innovative bicycle sharing program has just launched on Oahu. In B-cycle‘s own words, “B-cycles are there when you want one and gone when you don’t. Just swipe your card, grab a bike, and get to where you’re going.” The cost to rent a bike is based on a daily ($5), monthly ($30) or annual ($50)  fee, plus an hourly charge.The first half hour of each rental is free to encourage short rides, and is $2.50 per half-hour thereafter. The purpose is to get you from point A to point B, rather than provide a day-long bike tour.

The project’s first location is Kailua, which was chosen for its relatively flat topography and short travel distances. This unique Hawaii travel deal is the result of a $100K venture launched by the State Department of Health, Hawaii B-Cycle, Kaneohe Ranch and Mobi PCS. It’s intended to reduce traffic and carbon by taking cars off the street while promoting a healthy Hawaii lifestyle.

“…Bike riding is a great way to get the recommended amount of physical activity into your day.” — Lola Irvin, Healthy Hawaii Initiative.

The bikes each include RFI and GPS to track miles ridden, calories burned and carbon offsets as well as high-tech payment, locking and tracking. Kailua was chosen because of its relatively flat terrain, high-population density and short commute distances.

B-Cycle is a national bicycle rental company and the program operator providing 12 cruiser bikes equipped with GPS and theft/vandalism protection. Kaneohe Ranch is supplying land at no charge for two Kailua bike stations, while Mobi PCS is providing mobile broadband for station and bicycle connectivity.

Plans already include expansion of the program on Oahu and hopefully throughout Hawaii at a future date.


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