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New Hawaii Rideshare Launching As Car Rentals Disappear

A new way to get around Hawaii has just launched, at least for drivers to be recruited. This Hawaii Rideshare called Holoholo is coming soon to the Big Island, Kauai, Honolulu Lanai, and Maui. It could be your “Ticket to Ride” around the islands, in addition to car rentals, taxis, Uber, and Lift. But, unfortunately, passengers will have to wait a bit longer.

There’s no doubt that this comes at a unique time when Hawaii car rentals are sold out through the peak of summer in many cases.

Also seeking rideshare drivers.

Holoholo’s website says it is a “Marketplace of community drivers where passengers can request a ride in minutes from their smartphone, see the cost, and have it charged to their selected credit card, which helps passengers have access to affordable and safe transportation.”

Before approval, drivers are pre-screened, have their vehicles checked, and pass a pre-trip inspection.

We’ll update you as soon as this launches for the public. It looks to be any day, although there’s no clear way to get to the rider side of it as of today.

Holoholo features

GPS Tracking. “Our GPS system will track your every ride, so there’s a complete record of your trip. You can also share your approximate location with friends and family.”

Clean Safe Vehicles. “Drivers are required to keep their vehicles clean and safe. We provide a PPE kit with hand sanitizers, wipes, and masks to ensure your safety. You can also turn down riders without masks.”

Are you down for Hawaii Rideshare?

28 thoughts on “New Hawaii Rideshare Launching As Car Rentals Disappear”

  1. I think this is great, but I know here in the Bay Area, rideshare drivers drive for BOTH Uber and Lyft, so I would expect the same thing to happen in Hawaii. This would mean there may not necessarily be more rideshare vehicles available for hire; just the same residents driving for Uber and Lyft.

    I read a post on another thread that on Kauai, there are parking lots full of buses that aren’t being used for tour groups. I know social distancing is still somewhat of an issue, but why haven’t the resorts looked into leasing these to at least get their guests to and from the airport during the rental car meltdown? This seems to be an easy temporary solution to a big problem.

  2. Yes on Maui, I was there last week, may 15, and they were out of cars, my only option was to rent a u-haul truck, although it was cheap, they charge per mile which made it crazy! Other agencies were charging$500 or day, good luck

  3. The rental car rates for the last two weeks of July are 3x what I paid in December 2019.

  4. I am arriving on the big island on June 4, and again at the end of the year and secured/reserved rental cars for both trips. Have you heard if people that have reservations are getting turned away for lack of vehicles? Im trying to figure out if I need to be concerned about actually getting the cars I have reserved. Any insight is greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Pam.

      We’ll let others comment on this. It is not a widespread problem or we would be hearing about it without doubt.


    2. We are on Kauai currently & had a confirmed car rental through Costco Travel for our 10 day stay. When we arrived to pick up our car, there were over 50 people waiting for cars and they had reservations as well. The counter representative had a list that we put our names and phone numbers on for them to call us when a car became available. We are on day 7 and still have not received a call. The car company did offer shuttles to hotels/resorts but if you were staying in a VRBO or Airbnb they told people to get a taxi or Uber. One couple next to us in line couldn’t even get an Uber! We have 3 kids so this has been very frustrating. The only people they were giving cars to were if they were Fastbreak.

  5. Aloha BOH!

    I second RJS’ comment regarding rental car companies. One would think by now, the mainland Big Boys would have sent a fleet over to accomodate the surge in visitors. Do you know why this isn’t happening? By the time they get more vehicles back on the islands, the initial surge will have passed! Maybe I’m wrong…

    Mahalo for your wonderful updates!

    1. Hi Sue.

      Thanks. The vehicles are coming and by later this summer things should even out based on what we are seeing. The new normal pricing will be above what it was in the past, however.


  6. We will arrive on August 7th and will be there until August 28th. We will be staying at the Marriott Waiohai on Poipu Beach.

  7. Thank you for the Holoholo information,I downloaded the app.As a Hawaii resident I support less dependance on a personal car for transportation,good to have more options !

  8. It’s nearly impossible at times to get Uber or Lyft on the Big Island. Easier if you’re in town but forget it if you’re not.

  9. Good evening
    I will be traveling to Hawaii in July and have had a car reservation sing September 2020. Have you heard about any tourists with reservations that are being denied a rental car..

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much


    1. Hi Craig.

      It may have happened, and we’ve seen just a few comments to that effect. Perhaps others can comment about their experiences.


    2. I commented above about our confirmed car reservation that we booked in October through Costco Travel. We have been here in Kauai for a week and they still have not called us with a car. Good luck. There were over 50 people in line with the same problem as us. All confirmed car reservations & no cars to give us!

  10. Is anything being done to increase capacity on the part of the car rental companies? You would think that they’d be ramping up to meet the demand and make some $$$…

    1. You would think, but the Govanor is a “Follower”, not a Leader, using Newsom, Cuomo, Whitmer, Pritsker and Murphy as his model. Waiting to get ready, on Memorial Day Weekend, there is a shortage of Cars, but the Rental Companies are big buyers, they just need the logistics to get the Cars in place. Wait’ll the Vac-Pass hits……..

  11. Thank you for the heads-up about the Holoholo rideshare.
    How does this differ from Uber or Lyft?

    1. Hi Tim.

      Since it hasn’t fully launched yet, that is hard to say. One difference Holoholo indicated, is that there will be no surge pricing, which has definitely been a problem with Uber.


      1. And it has been widely reported that the drivers themselves get none of the so-called surge pricing surcharge…so maybe holoholo will put the screws on Uber’s outrageous practice.

        1. I drove for Uber and Lyft in the Napa Valley in between jobs tonight for sure got surge pricing incentives. Not only do the drivers make more money Uber made more money. Surge pricing is based on demand and supply. So if some people are willing to wait for pricing to go down it helps with the supply issue,or pay more for surge pricing. As someone who drove for both rideshare companies at the same time the majority of drivers for the new Rideshare company will also be the same ones currently driving for Uber or Lyft if it’s prevelant. Mahalo

  12. It would be wonderful to have scooter rentals like they have in Polynesia! I am just dreaming of course, along with wishing for bicycle lanes.

    1. Hi Nadege.

      Always good to hear from you and we both hope all is well there. Scooter rentals are as dangerous as all get out here in Hawaii. It is totally different than say Moorea in terms of traffic, speeds, etc.


      1. But if we had bicycle lanes ,for scooters too,and adapted Complete Streets programs,so that bikes,scooters,pedestrians had equal access to the roads ;than scooters wouldn’t be dangerous -paradigm shift,cars are not solely entitled to the roads.

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