Breaking: Coco Palms Plans Explode In Emotional Hearing

Breaking: Coco Palms Plans Explode In Bizarre, Emotional Hearing

A wild meeting just took place on the future of a hotel or cultural park at Coco Palms Kauai.

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37 thoughts on “Breaking: Coco Palms Plans Explode In Bizarre, Emotional Hearing”

  1. Move the road and restore the property. Who wouldn’t want to stay at Coco Palms resort if restored to it’s previous glory. Just think of the revenue and jobs created!! What a beautiful destination for weddings.

    Similar problem with stagnation on decisions on the beautiful restaurant at Hanalei Bay Resort. Languishing and falling into disrepair. There are few opportunities to experience such a beautiful vista when dining. Short sighted stubborness. Holding a grudge for what?

  2. I was visiting your lovely isle from Oahu about a week ago and noticed some work being done on the site. Any update? Mahalo!

  3. Quite the saga….all kinda sad

    I read of “desecrating a sacred spot”, but one needs to clear away all that is there. It is an eyesore and becoming a living community…in not a good way.

    A flood zone? Not a good place for a resort.

    A community cultural park….sounds like a plan to me.

    All in my opinion.

    Would have been awesome to bring Her back to a lovely place again….but…not realistic in any way.


  4. Coco Palms will always be remembered for it’s physical beauty but, sadly, even I (after later moving and living nearly 50 years in Hawaii) originally overlooked the fact that what gave it that really special feel was the true Aloha spirit extended to the guests. I am not talking about the normal run of the mill politeness that all service workers are expected to extend. True Aloha spirit comes from the heart and once you have been touched by it you will never forget that overwhelming feeling.

  5. That Kauai would even consider permitting another hotel while they seem to be doing everything they can to limit visitors and save the land seems very odd. Just tear CP down, and do a cultural center if it won’t flood. — Former Island Holidays employee.

  6. Be aware of any company that will not disclose who the ownership is especially from Utah. This could be a shell company set up by the Church of Latter-day Saints. I do not mean any disrespect to the church, but who else from Utah has the funding to redevelop Coco Palms.


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