Southwest Cancels All Interisland Flights

Chaos: Southwest Cancels Or Removes All Hawaii and Interisland Flights

Take notice and act quickly if you plan to fly interisland this week. Interisland Southwest Hawaii flights are canceled on all ten routes.

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70 thoughts on “Chaos: Southwest Cancels Or Removes All Hawaii and Interisland Flights”

  1. I wouldn’t be getting giddy about SWA troubles. Hawaiian has its own problems and not the $$$ or interest in fixing any.

    Personally, I hope both learn important lessons and survive and thrive.

    I will continue to fly Hawaiian as long as they are the only nonstop from Ontario to HNL. But, will give others a try if they add nonstop for that route. Hawaiian knows they have a monopoly on that route and will, naturally, squeeze us for all they can.

  2. HA comes through…

    On 12/22, the flight from HNL to SEA was diverted to OAK due to SEA being closed because of snow and airport closure. HA provided all the passengers food vouchers for the day, and when it was determined SEA would not reopen, provided all of the passengers a hotel room to sleep that night. In the morning, they provided 3 buses for a 15 hour trip to Seattle. This was the only real alternative, since many flights were cancelled or full. All made it to SEA by Christmas.

    While not required since this was a weather related incident, HA came through for those passengers.

  3. I think Southwest is/has been one of the great airlines.

    But, after this mess, it may take them 10 years to fully regain the trust of passengers. A lot of dollars will be spent rebuilding the brand.

    I had one employee flying Tampa to Vegas yesterday 2.5 hour delay. But he got in. Today me employee flying LAX to Vegas – canceled

  4. Aloha.
    Thousands of passengers are stuck at DIA (Denver) that were traveling on Southwest. Flights canceled canceled canceled. Some people have been here in Denver for four days!
    Thanks for your info.

  5. this article is misleading. It’s simply not true that Southwest is canceling all interisland flights. Their problems on the mainland may have affected their Hawaii operations to some degree, but they are still flying to Hawaii, and continuing to do interisland service.

  6. We just came back from Maui our first flight was cancelled they let us after 4 hrs and they rebooked us on a flight to Oakland at 1:40, that flight was delayed finally at 5:40 all the flights were cancelled the communication was poor and the terminal was chaos. We had to book ourselves on a United flight that left at 10pm to SFO. Our travels were over 24 hrs to take a 5 hour flight home. The flight attendant and pilots were also frustrated. Very disappointed in Southwest it would have been better just to cancel in the morning and we could have enjoyed our day in Maui. They seem to be having system problems with the personnel- they were not communicating with them either! United booked us and the tickets were less than SWA

  7. Didn’t take long for hawaiian to start gouging consumers again. There’s your aloha. When will people realize just because they have all the Hawaiian name etc doesn’t make it a Hawaiian company it’s owned by people all over the world whose one goal is money.

    1. And what company isn’t in business to make money!? Unless a business is privately owned it can indeed be owned by people all over the world so beyond stating the obvious, what’s your point?

    2. Interesting, I checked on the HA website, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was $79, Sat was $39, Sunday was $99. Seems pretty reasonable to me. If you want $39 tickets you are supporting a company that will provide that on the backs of the employees . There is no free ride.

  8. Aloha, I have a comment from a SWA pilot I can share with you if you are interested? Regarding the meltdown at SWA? Let me know and I can copy & paste.. mahalo

    1. Just saw a letter the head of the pilots union wrote to the membership, he outlined how deep rooted their problems are and how truly divided SWA has become between the employees and the management as well as the need for change…. he closed the letter with… “Until that happens, I fear the final meltdown may be right around the corner”.

      Hard to believe, but PanAm dominated in the 60’s, Braniff at one point was the most profitable airline of the 70’s and Eastern the largest US carrier in the 80’s…no airline is bullet proof. SWA has higher costs now and a relatively cheap product that obviously doesn’t always work so well.


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