Change Hawaii Travel Plans And Avoid Fees

Hawaiian Airlines and now Virgin America have an optional feature you can purchase at time of booking that could save exorbitant change fees later. I don’t know about you, but we’ve had to change flights in the past and pay the price for doing so. Both airlines approach the topic differently as you will read below.

Hawaiian Airlines Fare-Hold

Let’s say you find a Hawaii travel deal on Beat of Hawaii but you’re not sure you can get the accommodations you desire or the time off from work. Not a problem. Hawaiian Airlines offers a Fare-Hold option that for a modest fee lets you have some time to hold that great price.

There are some caveats to keep in mind. Fare-Hold is not available if you booked within 21 days of leaving. On Inter-island flights, Fare-Hold is not offered within 14 days of departure. Only one hold per guest on the same route.

How to use Fare-Hold on Hawaiian Airlines:

  • Go into purchase process for desired flights.
  • After seat assignment, purchase the Fare-Hold option.
  • When ready to book, return and purchase your ticket online.

Cost for Fare-Hold is based on either 3 or 7 day hold and varies by region as follows:

  • Inter-island: $4.99/$6.99
  • Other flights: $6.99/$8.99

Virgin America Announces Plans Change Pass

If you purchase a $25 pass at time of booking, you are permitted “unlimited” no-fee changes to date, time, origin and destination. This can save from $100 to $150 per change. You only pay the difference in fare if any.

Change Pass was just announced today and we are awaiting more clarification. We’d like to know if everyone on the itinerary needs to purchase. And if everyone does, can one person change without impacting the other reservations? We do know that passenger name and class changes are not permitted.

5 thoughts on “Change Hawaii Travel Plans And Avoid Fees”

  1. I recently booked a flight on Hawaiian from Hilo/Seattle/Los Angeles/Hilo. The flight from Seattle to LAX was via Virgin Air. At no time during my booking was I notified that I would pay for baggage fees on Virgin Air. ($25/per bag) Since we have free bags on Hawaiian because of Gold status, we thought this benefit would apply on Virgin Air. I called Hawaiian to complain and requested someone call me. It’s been over a week.

  2. We are planning to fly to Maui from Los Angeles on June 27 and return July 12, 2016. Currently the airfare on Hawaiian Air is $754, direct flight. Do you think this rate will remain the same or is there a possibility it will go down?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Richard,

      Slightly better chance than normal of it improving with new flights coming on in June. We’ll give that 35% odds of improvement. It’s a tough call though as availability could also be an issue with those prime dates.


  3. I’m looking at Alaska Air from OAK to LIH inDec. have they changed their direct flight from Thursday to Friday?
    Just wondering if you know!

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