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Three Game Changers in Hawaii Vacation Deals

Important news for those following our Hawaii vacation deals. Earlier today we updated our most popular post, Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii, with analysis through Summer 2017. Here is a summary of three important things that will help you score even better Hawaii deals.

1. Look for more flights and new aircraft starting in 2017

This will make it possible for Hawaiian Airlines to increase nonstop flights to Honolulu, Maui, Kona and Kauai. The same is true for competitor Alaska Airlines. The delivery of new planes will start in 2017 and continue thereafter. Look for this to help with both prices and availability. See Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii for more details.

2. Flight duration now strongly impacting prices

Nonstops will be priced higher. And when flying with a connection, remember that the longer the layover, the cheaper the price. More on this when you read Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii.

3. Latest changes to seasonal dates affecting Hawaii deal dates

  • Spring break holiday 2017. Airfare is typically 50% higher if you plan to travel March 23 through April 9, 2017. Keep these new dates in mind when thinking Hawaii vacation deals.
  • Winter 2017 from west coast cities. Here’s a surprise. Deals will start as early as December 27, 2016 and continue through March 22, 2017.
  • Winter 2017 from non west coast cities. Best prices will start January 8, 2017 and go through March 22, 2017.
  • Spring low season 2017. New dates will be April 10 through June 8, 2017.

Let us know if you have any questions on these updates. Aloha!

28 thoughts on “Three Game Changers in Hawaii Vacation Deals”

  1. Aloha ,
    Planning our family vacation in 2017 . Hoping to go in June however I have looking at airline tickets for mths now and not seeing anything reasonable . Would be easier to fly out of Houston , Austin or San Antonio but if the price is right not opposed to the 5 Hr drive to Dallas ! Hoping for a direct flight . Any ideas of the best time to book airline with out it costing a $1,000 pp rt . Thanks !

    1. Hi Jamie,

      If you’re planning to vacation after the first week in June, per our Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii post, there will be no deals, either now or later. Houston looks most favorable with nonstops at just over $1,000. Suggest buying now. If and only if you plan to complete your vacation and return by the first week, then stay tuned for deals.


  2. I was wondering when we are likely to see the lowest prices popping up for low season spring dates. Fortunately for us, school ends mid May, so we like to take advantage of the quieter times on the islands. I’ve had difficulty finding decent fares even with it being low season, so I’m obviously looking at the wrong times. I’m looking for LAX to Maui, Kauai and Oahu. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Better pricing will be available later this year or early next year. No one knows when. The airlines make these decisions when their yield management technology so indicates. Having said that Los Angeles doesn’t see great pricing so keep that in mind. Not sure what routing you’re looking for, but to Maui or Oahu, would target under $500 RT.


      1. Thank you so much! So true about LAX– we go yearly and keep seeing the rates getting worse and worse, while my brother, who uses SJC, gets much better deals. Makes me wonder if a short hop to SCJ (or even SFO or OAK, though I hate those airports) mightn’t save us a good bit of money.

        I appreciate this site so much- I’ve advised many friends and family members to always check this site before booking anything in Hawaii.

        1. Hi Jackie.

          Thanks very much! Yes on a comment we just replied to, the person wants to fly from Salt Lake City. The fare (during spring break) is $900, but if they drive to San Jose, they save about $500 per person!


  3. Planning a trip in Dec. 20 – Jan 9 when is the best time to buy business seats. Prices are high right now. Will new planes have wider seats?

  4. Aloha
    We are heading to Kauai in early December and have not yet seen any great deals from SFO, SJC or OAK. We thought some might appear in August. Should we wait or just grab what we see at this point?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      From about $425 from SJC or OAK. Quite reasonable in that market and doubtful it will improve.


  5. I am spending two weeks in Hawaii beginning September 24th, and have a rental car for the day in Oahu. Can you suggest the top things I should consider seeing that day? Also doing the Pride of America Cruise week 2, and have a rental for both days. Was going to do sunrise at the Haelakea crater day 2, but any other top things we need to see day one would be appreciated!!

    1. Hi Tim.

      Since what to do and see is so personal, we suggest first getting an overview via Oahu Revealed, since you can see everything possible and then pick what appeals to you. It’s a great resource. Pride of America has car rental opportunities on Maui and Kauai for two days each, and Hilo and Kona for one day. There again, the Hawaii Revealed books would be of great help. Either buy books or digital or check out from your library.


  6. HI, I will be flying Hawaiian Airlines LA to Honolulu last part of this month. Do you have any information on the strike they have been talking about????

  7. Aloha. Just a curiosity. What triggered the change in the Spring Break schedule to move the ending date past the first week of April? I almost had the system figured out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capitalize on it this year and it looks like they changed the rules for next year going forward. I’m more limited by the points schedule at my timeshare than anything else and since that’s fixed, this change is definitely not getting me to Hawaii next spring. Mahalo.


    1. Hi Alan,

      Good question. Unsure however of the answer and we struggle with that each year as well. It seems totally unrelated to Easter at this point and is just the coming together of spring breaks for schools.


      1. Thank you for the response. I was merely hoping for 2017 to be favorable in order to squeeze in a trip to Hawaii in between my timeshare years. Hopefully, 2018 will be better. But with an essentially free week of lodging, a slight increase in fares will not be detrimental. Hope they will not tinker with my Plan B week in 2018. Wishing for the best.

      2. Yay! Our school district just released their calendar. They shifted their spring break to start on the 10th of April and in line with the new low week, so there may be a reprieve after all. Any idea when fares on Hawaiian will drop to below $600 for that week? I’m still seeing fares running from $700+ to over $800 for that week. I’ve been spoiled with the amenities on Hawaiian so unless other airlines can come in substantially (at least $100)lower (except Allegiant), I’ve sold my paradise soul to them. Crossing my fingers for a possible rendezvous with paradise next spring. Mahalo.


        1. Hi again Alan.

          Did you say where you’re flying from and to? If so we don’t see it. That will help us better reply.


      3. So sorry. My excitement after seeing the released calendar got the better of me. My usual route is from LAX to HNL. Would be open to Maui, Kauai, or Hilo/Kona if the price is right. Mahalo.


        1. Hi Alan,

          Cheapest is Maui at $578 many days that week. Hard to know what is going to happen with LA. Should be lower, but it isn’t happening very readily. Grrr.

          Suggest doing nothing. It can’t get much worse and the upside potential for some sale is better. You may need to be wait quite a while. If you’re the nervous type – forget this approach. Otherwise, target about $500 RT.

          Hope that helps.


          1. I’m pretty familiar with the sale price to flight departure cycle for Hawaii fares and am more than willing to play this waiting game. Having to pay in full at the time of booking is another incentive to wait as long as necessary before booking.
            If I see an email coming through from your site with a price of around $500 for Hawaiian Airlines that week, I’ll be booking that flight in a heartbeat. I’ve paid around that price ($550) in my previous few bookings.
            I try to forget the impulsive buy I made 90 days out last year for the week of Thanksgiving that was a little over $900 a ticket. For the sake of my sanity, I needed that trip so it was worth it. Outside of that, I try to stay within the under $550-$600 target. No pressure, but you guys will be the key to whether I make it to Hawaii or not this spring.


  8. I believe Easter will be April 16, 2017. This usually increases airfares. Are your High Season Spring Break dates correct?

  9. Hi! I’m planning to fly from Los Angeles to Kauai in October and I’ve been watching the flights and they keep going up… way up! I always thought October was off-season. Any suggestions? Mahalo!

    1. Hi Tracy.

      They are up and down. Today up. But expect them to drop by by about $50+ later in the week or next week at latest. Target price $575. This is one market that should improve when new aircraft come on.


  10. Which would be the lower priced time to fly from west coast cities (specifically Oakland, San Jose, San Fran), Winter 2017 or Spring low season 2017? Thanks

    1. Hi Brigit.

      The way it looks right now, they will probably both be about the same. If the weather matters, May is probably the best of those options.


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