Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Cheap Flights to Hawaii | Maui $358 RT

Deals for 2016 are far from over. Today three airlines are flexing their muscles as they lower the cost of flying to Maui and Honolulu for summer and fall Hawaii vacations. Read on for the details of today’s fast acting sale.

Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines.

Route and Prices:

  • San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose to/from Maui $358 RT. Honolulu $20 more.
  • San Diego to/from Maui $404 RT. Honolulu $20 more.

Fares and Availability:

  • The lowest fares in the market and are not available all most dates. Other dates are available however for slightly more.

Travel dates at time of publishing:

If these dates and routes don’t work for you: Watch for more Hawaii deals from the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles airports. And subscribe to our free email updates.


8 thoughts on “Cheap Flights to Hawaii | Maui $358 RT”

  1. Hi!

    When is the best time to purchase some cheap tickets from mid thru end of December? What’s the best price?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi, thank you for adding these deals. We’re planning to travel to Maui from the Bay Area, 9/21-9/26. Do you think fares will drop more or should we go ahead and book? Thanks again for your help 🙂


    1. Hi Christina.

      In that most competitive market and with your mid-week travel dates there could well be even better prices ahead. If you do wait, keep a close watch for fast-acting sales.


  3. We’ve got our trip to Big Island booked for mid-August. We are thinking about doing an inter-island flight for one day from Kona to see Pearl Harbor/Waikiki. I did a search on inter-island flights but it doesn’t look like there have been sales lately due to competition. I wondered if you had any thoughts on when to purchase those along with other activities on our itinerary. Many places have on-line booking and seem to recommend booking ahead. Is this too soon or am I doing the right thing for an August vacation? Thanks again! Jill W.

    1. Hi Jill.

      Inter-island can be tricky. You are going to need specific times of day to make this work. Probably early and late. Usually – not always, those work well for better pricing. Prices start at $179 RT which won’t get much better even if you wait and there is an unlikely sale. Suggest getting that booked sooner than later.


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