Airfare to Hawaii | 21 New Routes Under $200

Cheap Airfare to Hawaii | 21 Routes Under $200 Til 2/19

We found 21 routes today (April 3) with cheap airfare to Hawaii under $200 each way. Prices from $169 and great availability mean you can plan your best value Hawaii vacation anytime from now until February 2019!

Cheap airfare to Hawaii is a result of increased competition between Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines. Clashing on many routes reflects airlines defending existing and potential routes as bellwether Hawaiian’s new A321 fleet of planes roll out.

Some airfares are spring only, most however are valid until February 2019, except for peak of summer and holidays. Act now as these are unpublished sale prices that could end at any time.

Travel and purchase dates: Book immediately – online only. In many cases but not always, best fares are available Monday through Thursday. Travel can originate on the mainland or Hawaii. Travel over holidays and most of summer is not included.

Fares and Availability: Prices below are one way, include all taxes and fees. These are the lowest fares and are not available all or even most days. Some routes are only on sale one or two days per week or less, so use airlines’ monthly fare calendars to find availability and best pricing by month. If you no longer find fares listed, they are sold out. Availability on certain routes is limited. Check as not all flights are nonstop.

How to Book: Online booking only (no, you definitely cannot call the airlines for these prices).

Cheap Airfare to Hawaii | 21 Routes Under $200 Til 2/19

San Diego

San Diego to Maui $181 on  or United Airlines until February and Alaska Airlines ($188) until May
San Diego to Kona $181 on American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines until February
San Diego to Kauai $183 on Delta Airlines and United Airlines until February

Los Angeles

Los Angeles to Kauai $178 on Hawaiian AirlinesAmerican Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines until May
Los Angeles to Kona $178 on Hawaiian AirlinesAmerican Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines until May

San Jose

San Jose to Honolulu $198 on Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines until May
San Jose to Maui $188 on Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines until May
San Jose to Kauai $183 on American Airlines until February
San Jose to Kona $183 on American Airlines until February and $198 on Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines until May

San Francisco

San Francisco to Honolulu $172 United Airlines until May
San Francisco to Maui $169 on Hawaiian Airlines until May
San Francisco to Kona $176 on Hawaiian Airlines until May


Sacramento to Maui $181 on United Airlines until February


Portland to Honolulu $198 on Hawaiian Airlines until May and $183 on United Airlines until February
Portland to Maui $198 on Hawaiian Airlines until June and $183 on United Airlines until February
Portland to Kauai $183 on American Airlines until February
Portland to Kona $181 on American Airlines or United Airlines until February


Seattle to Honolulu $183 on United Airlines until February
Seattle to Maui $181 on United Airlines until February
Seattle to Kauai $181 on United Airlines until February
Seattle to Kona $176 on Hawaiian Airlines until May and United Airlines until February

Beat of Hawaii photo at Launiupoko Beach Park Maui.

20 thoughts on “Cheap Airfare to Hawaii | 21 Routes Under $200 Til 2/19”

  1. Any suggestions on deals/best time to fly when flying RT from Maui to CA ? My husband and I are being relocated to Maui. He will transfer with his job. My job currently requires a bit of travel, so I will be managing trying to find the best fares OUT of Maui to the mainland.

  2. I’m planning on flying to Kauai end of February 2019 from slc. When Do you think would be the best time to book a flight? Thank you!

  3. Hi. We are looking for the best time to purchase the cheapest flights to Oahu from Las Vegas end of March 2019. We just came back almost a month ago the weather was close to perfect so we decided that would be the perfect time for our annual trip. Our tickets were almost $600 each for 2. I know I’ve seen better. Thanks Mahalo!!

    1. Hi Gabrielle.

      Probably best time will be fall or after this year. Las Vegas doesn’t see any real deals at this point. Could change with more flights – hopefully so.


  4. Aloha! Looking for cheapest flights from San Diego or LAX 2nd week in September 2018. Taking a separate flight from Kansas City, Missouri to a coast city. Can be flexible on days and dates. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Mike.

      Looks like it will cost from $350 to about $400 to Maui or Honolulu from SAN or LAX. Wait for next sale. Maybe later in spring or early summer. No need to rush for mid-week flights in off-season.


  5. Hi, How are you?
    I want to go

    Looking for a cheap flight from Houston to honolulu or Maui please help me.

    I want in june thanksss

    1. Hi Angelina.

      That is going to be about $850 RT and could go up. You might be able to save $100 or so with a very long duration (20 hours +). That’s the reality of summer travel to Hawaii.


  6. Hi, we’re traveling from Chicago to Oahu and then Maui back to Chicago July 26-Aug 2nd. I’m seeing $1,100 on United right now. When is the best time to book the airfare and which airline should I expect to get the best prices?


    1. Hi Jan.

      Nonstop is $1000-$1050. As expected for peak season and weekend outbound travel. Doubtful it will improve. Or you can travel for $881 on American with nearly 8 hour layover in LA. Suggest buying now. United has the most direct flights.


  7. Hello! Currently LAX to HNL at the end of May is running $651 nonstop. Any deals on the horizon?

    Much appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hi Sheri.

      You’ll need to leave for Hawaii by 5/22 as it appears right now to get pricing like $427 on Hawaiian. After that you’re in Memorial Day weekend.


    1. I saw some, two days ago. Look on google flights. They were around $350 roundtrip!
      I’m in Salt Lake City and hoping to see deals like that here.
      I love Kauai. Good luck!

  8. Hi! Do you think there will be more deals for San Jose, CA to Honolulu or even to the Big Island for 8/16 – 8/21? So far I’ve been seeing $269 one way (to Honolulu) and I know I’ve seen it cheaper before.

    1. Looking for a cheap flight from CMH to Maui please? Probably around next Feb!! Thank you! Or should I say Mahalo!!

      1. Hi Frank.

        Columbus is typically starting at $800. If it works to drive to IND, that can be about $100 less. It is too early to buy for February. Maybe late summer to fall for best pricing. Especially if you are traveling mid-week.


      2. About a month ago I saw flights from Columbus to ogg for $475 round trip with a stop in dfw or lax and the same stop coming back midweek in January 2019 on American. Keep checking. I was surprised to see flights that cheap much less that far in advance. Unfortunately the dates didn’t work for me.

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