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Coco Palms Kauai Rebuild Starts Now | Unbelievable?

Here comes Coco Palms 2026. Despite the horrendous traffic, no beach, plus development, cultural, and staffing concerns, redevelopment of the long-gone resort starts now. 

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72 thoughts on “Coco Palms Kauai Rebuild Starts Now | Unbelievable?”

  1. We honeymooned at the Coco Palms in April of 1978. We returned to Kauai for our 35th anniversary. We were excited to learn that did tours of the Coco Palms and arrive at the gate to learn the the tour that day had been cancelled. That was ten years ago and it would be tempting to revisit a new Coco Palms, providing that they keep some of the flavor of the original hotel.

  2. We got married there 39 yrs ago n loved the resort. Thank u for rebuilding it. We came back for our 5 th anniversary. Service was exceptional n the staff was perfect. Very good memories. Kauai is n will always be our favorite

  3. Like Kauai always does the sky is falling if any developments on island happens
    Costco was going to ruin the island if it got built guess what island still here
    Only thing I see wrong is the contractor not doing a community awareness information on the cultural part of the project
    They have experience an financial backing to do the project right
    It will benifit the community an be a famous part of the island

    1. I don’t like Costco and they did ruin the islands. A few local stores in different areas would have benefitted local farmers and store owners alike plus people wouldn’t travel so far to go to one place (Costco) and they there is all that parking that is required …not economically friendly either. I am happy to hear that there is a chance to bring Hawaii back to what it was when I first visited 25 years ago. In the case of this resort on Kauai, I am not against it as long as they integrate the local community and culture. This is exactly what it was then.

    2. We got married at the Coco Palms in 1984 in the thatched roof church there. I have pictures of it. So beautiful. So excited to hear they will be rebuilding it. Hoping it will be just as beautiful as it was before. Lots of memories. Want to revisit soon and again in 2026 to see it all complete. From Colorado!

  4. Article in our local Albuquerque newspaper today from the Associate Press about the rebuild probably can Google it, “suggests” they are going to use 10 acres of the 47 acres? It does mention some of the opposition to the project, but none of the issues mentioned here regarding the beach, or traffic issues. So people elsewhere only see a “new resort”, 3 years in the building, 3 years of construction jobs, but no mention of resort staffing etc, after it’s built, or other impacts..
    I tried to link it here but can’t get it to show up. If interested Search for Albuquerque Journal and select Sunday edition to scroll through to the article, click on it so it expands and is readable.

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