Experience the ultimate Diamond Head mountain to ocean adventure

Experience Diamond Head Mountain to Ocean Thrills

Diamond Head captures the timeless feel of Waikiki, and so does an outrigger canoe ride. Thrilling adventures that we never tire of. We doubt you will either.

On your next Hawaii vacation, head down to Waikiki for a ride you will always remember. Reservations are accepted online, and you must have at least 3 people with you to book. The minimum age is 5 years. Do a Google search as there are multiple vendors and prices vary, starting at about $35.

Try an Outrigger Canoe Ride with Your Family.

You’ll receive paddling instructions from your guide at the beginning. Then the teamwork starts, and everyone participates. You’ll move the outrigger to shallow water and take turns climbing in. It’s not a graceful movement that adds to the fun.

You’ll see Diamond Head as you paddle away from the shore. The waves take on a larger dimension close up. Now you are part of the ocean and feel its movement around you.

Outrigger Tradition: When the canoes are on dry land, the canoe’s nose points to the water. The early Hawaiians did this out of respect for the canoe and its spirit.

Your steersman (there’s always a pro onboard) sits at the back and expertly positions the canoe and waits for the best wave. At his call, you paddle with all the strength you can muster. The wave you catch feels exhilarating. This is what surfing is like. At that moment, it would be easy to forget to paddle and look behind as the wave lifts the outrigger towards the sky. But keep paddling! Everyone’s adrenaline will be on overdrive as you fly across the surface of the ocean, getting wet from its spray. One time we even tipped over but were all able to climb back into the canoe.

Diamond Head Waikiki

As you start to slow down, you’ll see Diamond Head, which could be your next adventure, waiting to be hiked. It’s just a short drive by car or The Bus and is one of Honolulu’s top-rated attractions.

Diamond Head Hike Overview: This family-friendly hike is something not to be missed. Kids are going to love the experience including the Leahi Fire Control Station Spiral Stairwell, as will adults who are in fairly good shape. On the 1.6-mile hike, there are incredible views that stretch for miles. This is a great lower-body workout with four staircases and 279 steps. You can even join those running laps if your legs don’t turn to rubber. This is a great family or friend activity and a favorite Waikiki things-to-do pick. Included at no extra charge are some of the most stunning views ever of the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu. Take it all in as you hike this three hundred thousand-year-old crater.

Tips: Advance reservations are required. See the post below for details. Non-resident entrance fee of $5 per non-resident guest and $10 per vehicle. Gates open at 6 am, the last entry is at 4 pm, and gates close at 6 pm. Wear hiking shoes and bring water!

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1 thought on “Experience Diamond Head Mountain to Ocean Thrills”

  1. I climbed Diamond Head in the late 90s…it was amazing. Since then I have had a knee replaced, back surgery and a shattered femur on the other leg so I really delighted that I went when I did.
    Everyone who can should do it.

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