Gilligans Island Hawaii Remake Coming To Netflix

Jane Mansfield was to have starred in the iconic Gilligan’s Island TV show widely associated with Hawaii and about to be reborn.

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58 thoughts on “Gilligans Island Hawaii Remake Coming To Netflix”

  1. Thank you Fort his information. I watched Gilligan all day today on tubi as I don’t feel well. It was my favorite show as a kid. I’m kinda old and hadn’t seen it for a long time. Still love it. Wondered if it was really on an island. It does look like it. I always wanted to be that with him. Never been town island though.

  2. The only way remakes/reboots work is to keep it to the original. There is the main people who want positive TV and remakes like they were. Fuller House lost ratings by changing they way they did things by adding a 2016 era into it. Gilligan does not need that. Keep it as it was and don’t change the sex/race and it will have high ratings.

  3. Opening scene was filmed in front of the Ilikai Hotel on the day JFK was assassinated. Check the American flag on the left at half staff/mast.

  4. Gilligan’s Island Trivia: Bob Denver”Gillagan” was also in the TV series Doby Gillis his name in that series was Maynard G. Crebs and he was a member of the GBA “Good Buddies Association”.

    1. The original Pilot Episode song was composed by Johnny Williams. Now known as John Williams -Better known for Star Wars , Indiana Jones, and many other films.


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