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New NCIS Hawaii: TV Shows Filmed in Hawaii + Rare Fantasy Island Footage

For TV fans of shows filmed in Hawaii, a new NCIS spinoff set in the islands will soon reach your screen. That according to multiple sources. The show will follow a Naval criminal investigation team in Hawaii. CBS has not officially confirmed the show, but it appears all but certain.

Also, read on to watch some exciting, just released historic Hawaii TV footage from the show Fantasy Island.

New NCIS Hawaii details.

Many original writers and executive producers of NCIS will return. CBS Studios is pinned to be the producer. It isn’t yet clear whether Mark Harmon is part of the new cast.

NCIS is now in its 18th season and remains extremely popular. This iteration will be the latest Hawaii-based CBS series. At present, there is also a Magnum P.I. Hawaii series. CBS was also responsible for a recent Hawaii Five-O remake. Love Island filmed here has also been renewed for a third season.

It has been said that NCIS is more popular among Republicans than Democrats since it has a conservative lean in its writing. So the Hawaii version is interesting given our recent report on how political affiliation plays into people’s perceptions about Hawaii.

TVLine has said that the character lead will be “Jane Tennant,”  an agent in charge of being dubbed NCIS Pearl. That in itself is a big change for the TV franchise.

Other TV shows filmed in Hawaii.

For Hawaii TV aficionados, here’s a list of some of the other TV shows filmed in Hawaii. Many other shows have had episodes filmed in the islands.

Beyond the Break
Byrds of Paradise
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Fantasy Island
Flight 29 Down
Gilligan’s Island
Hawaiʻi Five-0
Last Resort
Magnum P.I.
The River

Historic TV footage: Fantasy Island.

See this just-released clip from Fantasy Island set on location here on Kauai. It was filmed in 1979 by then 14-year-old Dan Grantham using a hand crank camera. The episode was named The Wedding.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

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  1. Awesome! And thank you for the list of other shows. We recently watched all of the old Hawaii Five-O shows and are getting ready to watch the new ones. One of my fav movies filmed in Hawaii is Aloha.

  2. i thought i recognized that location…especially the little bit of the Coco Palms…oh, so many memories of that part of Kauai….from the Garden State (NJ) to the Garden Island

  3. Did Dan say where the footage was shot?
    I thought some of the standard “arrival of guests” footage was shot a Coco Palms.

  4. Aloha Beat of Hawaii. Thanks for the great site. Best source of info to be found. I have a question please. Trying to get our kids and grandkids to visit us in maui this June. They live in Orange County, ca in mission viejo and San Clemente. Having trouble finding a test location. Any readers out there recently come to the islands and got tested in these areas? Trusted partners all say hard to get results in time. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Dick.

      Thank you. We’re hoping some Orange County readers will share their personal testing experiences there.


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