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Got 4,000 Spare Hawaiian Miles? Grab A Free Flight

Here is a great short-term offer in the ultra-competitive space between Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest Airlines. If you plan on flying within Hawaii between now and the end of next month, there’s a great Hawaiian Miles offer. And two other offers that go through the end of the year.

1. HawaiianMiles 4,000 point offer expires October 31.

You can redeem just 4,000 spare HawaiianMiles (plus $5.60 in taxes/fees) for a one-way Hawaiian Airlines flight between the Islands through October 31, 2022. Usually, the cheapest interisland flights using points start at 7,500. This is an excellent reward redemption, especially for those with just a few miles sitting around.

2. Double Hawaiian Miles expires December 31.

When you fly between now and December 31, you’ll earn double the actual miles flown on Hawaiian. This doesn’t amount to a heck of a lot, though. Previously Hawaiian Airlines paid 500 bonus mile rewards for each interisland segment. But times have changed.

3. Purchase flights for $39 through year-end.

Southwest kicked off their $39 seat on every interisland flight offer, which is valid through December 31. Hawaiian hasn’t entirely matched that offer, so there are restrictions, but they also have many seats on many flights for the same $39.

Accruing HawaiianMiles is pretty easy.

We earn miles for shopping using their Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard. Beware, there’s an annual fee. There are also perks, including a welcome bonus, free checked bags, and a companion discount. Priority boarding, and main cabin upgrades, like lie-flat beds, aren’t included.

We also earn Hawaiian Airlines Miles from dining, car rentals, and shopping online. We never seem to fly enough to attain elite status of Pualani Gold or Pualani Platinum, but they are still quite easy to use.


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