Have a Fine Free Hawaii Vacation

Earlier this year we offered our 10 Hawaii safe driving tips. You can save money, and your life, by slowing done and buckling up. Here are two things you should know:

1. Hawaii speeding fines are expensive.

Up to 29 miles over the speed limit, the fine is $5 per mile and a $57 court administration fee. If you’re 30 miles and over, the court decides your fine and a mandatory appearance is required.

When we belonged to the Grand Hyatt Spa at Poipu, we heard many visitors complain. The by-pass road in Poipu offers a direct shot to the Hyatt, and its 25 mph speed limit is well patrolled.

USA Today reported that the worst Hawaii speed traps are in Honolulu, Kailua, Kaimuki, and on Maui. I’m here to report regular and rigorous laser-gun enforced speed control on the Big Island and Kauai as well.

Use Speed Trap Exchange to have an idea of exactly where your trouble may be located.

2. Click-it or Ticket campaign.

Hawai’i’s seat-belt usage is the highest in the nation. We have a reputation for stringent seat belt compliance enforcement at all times, so remember to buckle up. There’s a $92 fine for opting out.

If anyone has additional driving tips in Hawaii, be sure to comment.

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