Hawaii Hurricane | 2019 Travel Checklist and Predictions

Visiting During Hawaii Hurricane Season? Travel Checklist and Predictions

The official Hawaii hurricane season began June 1 and runs until December. Hurricanes in Hawaii are rare. The last hurricane to hit Hawaii was 27 years ago when Hurricane Iniki decimated the islands, primarily Kauai. Even after almost three decades, hurricanes in Hawaii are something those of us here always keep in mind.

2019 Hawaii Hurricane Predictions 

The 2019 Hurricane Outlook from NOAA predicts a 70% chance of above normal seasonal hurricane activity. This follows last year’s close calls. In total, 5 to 8 tropical cyclones are predicted for our Central Pacific hurricane basin. The increased activity is predicted based on water temperatures that are expected to remain above average, together with vertical wind shear that is predicted to be weaker than normal.

Hawaii Travel Checklist For 2019 Pacific Hurricane Season

  • First aid kit. Always good to travel with one no matter the season. There are great ones starting at under $10.
  • Essential medications with a supply that’s adequate should something unforeseen occur which extends your Hawaii vacation.
  • Water and non-perishable food on hand during your trip. Stores can be depleted of products almost immediately if the possibility of a hurricane occurs.
  • Hawaiian Airlines and other carriers may permit you to change your Hawaii vacation plans.
  • Travel insurance is always something to at least consider because you can obtain protection for substantial, non-refundable expenses. Hawaii travel insurance must be bought and in effect prior to the development of a specific hurricane, in order to be covered.

Here’s a reminder to ourselves and others who live here in Hawaii.

  • Car gas tank kept at one-half or more. Propane tanks kept towards full.
  • Plastic tarps and plywood for emergencies.
  • Clean unused trash cans for drinking water storage.
  • More food supplies than normal.
  • An electric generator that is tested.
  • Extra batteries and a working radio.
  • Current first aid and medical supplies on hand.
  • Cash for emergencies.

Updated 6/14/19.

13 thoughts on “Visiting During Hawaii Hurricane Season? Travel Checklist and Predictions”

  1. We will be going to Oahu in October. We don’t anticipate a hurricane but if there were one, is there designated storm shelters on the island and if so where could I find a listing of them?

      1. We are traveling to Oahu next week and it looks like hurricanes Erik and Flossie are headed toward Hawaii. We did not purchase travel insurance. What would you suggest we do?moo

  2. Hello

    I would like to take my 90 year old mother to Hawaii in January 2017 Its always been a dream for her to visit, which Island do you recommend ?
    we would have to use wheel chair and walker for sightseeing.

    1. It depends on your hotel accommodations. I can tell you that if this is her first time and her eye sight is pretty good I would go to Maui. The West side of Maui will generally have whales that gather between the islands of Maui, Lanai and Kahoolawi. Last year I read there weren’t as many but in years before even from our vacation ownership balcony, we saw many from our with our binoculars. There are some Whale watching tours that leave from a dock rather than pick you up at the beach.
      The road to Hana is something that you would be able to do because it is a drive down the eastern shore of the islend. If she is afraid of heights and sharp curves even taken at 20 mph; not a good idea.
      There are 2 distilleries on Maui that are even ground and slow walking, Ocean and Pau. Surfing Goats is close by and just kinda fun.
      I would search Real Estate Companies that rent Vacation Ownerships… It will give you more room, you can cook for yourself some or not.
      Then again if you have more than a week, skip to another island. Honolulu is only recommended because of Pearl Harbor and I needed to pay my respects. I did that by extending my trip and flying out of Honolulu rather than Maui.
      I haven’t flown Southwest yet. I booked one way flights because I wanted to see more than one island.

  3. Hawaii has had no hurricane hits for 22 years??? Iselle, 2 years ago, nailed Pahoa on the Big Island and left us with downed albizia trees blocking everything and no power at the house for 6 days. Community response was phenomenal–there were ice pickups (all my frozen food survived), even some food, and people with chain saws out helping people clear their driveways and the streets. And here, no power means no water, as the catchment tank pumps were down. Hot showers at the community center were available, though, and you could flush by filling up the toilet from your catchment tank. Not fun, but we survived.

  4. Hi, I will be traveling to Maui in January and I always travel single and would like to know the best hotel and flight combo at that time.
    Prefer on the Beach .
    thanks ,

    1. Hi Karen.

      If you want to look at hotel options, then you’ll need to research that – have a look at the Hawaii Revealed Maui guidebook. If you prefer packages, do compare those with prices of air and hotel bought separately. Unlikely to be much of a difference if any. Lastly you did not indicate where you are flying from, so we can’t help with anything regarding airfare. In that regard, suggest looking here: https://beatofhawaii.com/the-cheapest-time-to-fly-to-hawaii/.


  5. So, when is hurricane season? Nowhere in your email or website (or the official NOAA news release) does it say WHEN the Hawaii hurricane season runs.

    We’re going to be on Hawaii a couple of weeks around Halloween – is that in hurricane season?

    1. Hi Rick,

      First line of post reads “The official Hawaii hurricane season began June 1 and runs until December.”


  6. We will be holidaying in Hawaii from October 16 to October 23 and will be staying in hotels on Maui and Oahu. What precautions should we be taking?

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      Post indicates everything that comes to mind. Do you have any specific questions?


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