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Hawaii Overload: New Rules May Include Entrance by Vaccination Only

Hawaii Lt. Governor and emergency room physician Josh Green said that Hawaii is overrun with Covid. The number of people hospitalized is heading to an all-time high with the reality that the state has started exceeding its medical ability. Earlier today, Honolulu behemoth Queen’s Hospital said that it has no further ICU capacity. Green said that hospitals will once again need to postpone all elective procedures and that trauma victims are now at risk of not receiving care. He said that 90% of those in Hawaii hospitals are unvaccinated.

“Across Hawaii today, non-COVID patients are having trouble accessing appropriate care for things like heart attacks and strokes because of the increase in COVID patients that need an incredible amount of care.” Green went on to say that Hawaii has gone from 611 to 4391 active cases in just one month, showing just how infectious the Delta Variant is.

Stricter rules in a matter of weeks.

Green said, “I say we are two to four weeks at this rate from seeing major adjustments in what we’re able to do.” But what exactly does that mean in terms of what Hawaii may choose to do next?

He said that “no one wants to close down businesses, no one wants to put in curfews, no one wants to curtail regular life or schools — but we have to keep people alive.”

Speaking to Covid nay-sayers, Green said, “The loudest most oppositional defiant people that think it’s fun, they think it’s like a party. Number one, I’m probably going to be taking care of them in the hospital with my colleagues because they’re going to catch COVID and go into the ICU. And I will do it honorably. And I want to take care of everyone, but those very individuals are condemning everyone in society to a much larger lockdown.”

The Lt. Governor complained about demonstrations that have taken place outside his family’s condo in Honolulu. And he suggested that it is inappropriate to be threatening him, his family, and other residents, rather than protesting at his official office.”I mean, that is, of course, callous and heartless to do that to innocent individuals, Green said.

What could the stricter rules be? Our hypothesis.

1. Reduction in the size of gatherings and of parties, including at restaurants.  Capacity at restaurants was just reduced from 75% to 50%.

2. Reinstatement of pre-travel testing 72-hours before traveling to Hawaii for all passengers seeking quarantine exemption, including those fully vaccinated.

3. Implementation of supervised quarantine for those individuals who are not vaccinated and do not test before traveling to Hawaii. We have not seen any sign of the national guard for months. They had previously been supervising quarantine, which while not perfect, appears to be a lot better than whatever is going on now, which doesn’t appear to be much. We recently seen it called “self-quarantine.”

4. Limited curfew. We hear these words being tossed around for the first time again. Green said, “Whether that’s curfews which have been recommended by some in the hospital community, because late-night accidents are when you get overflow at the hospitals, especially for trauma services” — Josh Green.

5. Vaccination could be required for entrance. Green said that those unvaccinated should not gather whatsoever. House Speaker Saiki, Lt. Gov. Green, and Governor Ige have all mentioned this recently. There is the possibility of businesses requiring vaccination for both employees and customers. Ige confirmed yesterday what he called an “electronic health pass” that is currently being considered.

In New York, restaurants, bars, gyms, and performance/entertainment businesses will require proof of vaccination starting next month. But, as of yesterday, the NYC Pass mandate requires restaurant diners to show proof of a minimum of one vaccination dose to be able to dine indoors.

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  1. Just curious, there is a US Navy Hospital Ship in San Diego not being used. Has there been any attempt by the State of Hawaii to get this ship sent to Hawaii????? I find it hard to believe that I have seen no mention of this resource mentioned in the Hawaii Press. Has Best of Hawaii heard anything about the state requesting this ship??? It would sure help Hawaii.

  2. Dear BOH Bros, I have decided to postpone my trip until 2023 because I don’t feel very comfortable going right now with all the cases going up again. I will continue to read the blog & still looking forward to the day I do get to come!🌺🌏🛩🌈🏖🏝 Take care of yourself, stay safe, & my God bless you….Psalms 91:11

  3. The information reported here is incorrect. According to the HHS Protect Public Data Hub protect-public.hhs.gov/pages/hospital-utilization, Hawaii hospitals are currently using only 73.74% of their beds and only 13.17% of those beds are being used for patients WITH COVID-19. There are only 326 COVID patients in hospitals in all of Hawaii. Also, these numbers should be compared to past years to provide perspective. Please correct your report.


    1. Here you go Becky, not sure how often that website is updated but much more current then that is this …yesterday morning Dr Jonathan Paladino, Director of Critical Care at Straub Hospital gave a news conference upfront of Straub Hospital. Their ICU is at 100% capacity and they are setting up triage tents. All due to Covid patients.
      This follows the announcement yesterday that Queens ICU cannot accept any more patients. Queens is the go to hospital for critical care here. That’s were people are airlifted to when other hospitals that aren’t as well equipped can handle and urgent care is needed. ….What that translates to is if anyone living in Hawaii is seriously injured or ill they cannot get the same level of care they could have prior to the current surge of unvaccinated Covid patients we are experiencing this week. This is all as a result of the people that elected not to get vaccinated, not a judgement but a simple statement of fact. A lot of them are victims of misinformation, not “bad” people.

  4. Well here’s what we do know. Over 90% of the people in the hospitals here ( similar numbers elsewhere) are the unvaccinated. The relatively small numbers of breakthrough cases are being blown out of proportion by the anti vax crew as being significant and saying that the vaccine doesn’t work. ….Nothing could be further from the truth. The vaccinations are doing just what they are meant to do, preventing serious illness in all but a tiny amount of the breakthrough cases.
    The anti vax folks are why this is as bad as it is……your “personal choice” is choosing a path that is killing a lot of people and causing a lot of suffering.
    Now people that may need the benefits of a ICU that could save their life are being denied that because unvaccinated people are taking their bed..
    It really is as simple as that.

  5. I follow Hawaii news every day from different news outlets and today I read an interesting article in West Hawaii Today News about possible upcoming restrictions on the Big Island. If anyone is interested it may be worth reading.

  6. Interesting how many people ignore actual facts and parrot what is on Facebook or other sites claiming individual choice. Even this most recent article says: 90% of those in Hawaii hospitals are unvaccinated yet I’ve seen comments saying more vaccinated people than unvaccinated are getting covid and are in the hospital. Would you say it’s my choice to drink and drive–until I kill you or a loved one? As someone else said, those who oppose masks and vaccinations what to open up but because so many don’t want to, we’re in the situation we’re in now a year and a half later. When are those people going to understand we can’t resume any normalcy until you’re willing to do the work to get there?

  7. What Hawaii is now seeing is the inevitable result of their strict COVID travel policy: they have postponed the inevitable. And if COVID can be passed around, even if 100% of people are vaccinated, then it can still mutate and we are left in a situation where it will never leave us (endemic, not pandemic). Starting to sound a lot like the flu. I don’t think that those who haven’t had the shot are too worried about their health in this regard, so lets get on with life. As for the surges in the ERs, that’s regrettable, but hospital staffing is the number one driver of the availability of beds on the mainland. Not sure about HI. Maybe it is time to call for the hospital ship Mercy or Comfort, like I suggested, oh, maybe a year ago in this very site’s comment section. I know I’m no longer welcome on the islands because I’m not rich enough, and after 30+ trips and I don’t plan on coming back any time soon. But I hate to see the good people of HI suffer under leadership who are still treating this like the Spanish flu.

  8. Perhaps the HA governor should demand the federal government stop flying plane loads of illegals who are crossing the border full of all kinds of strains of virus and being shipped out to every state – including Hawaii.

    Look at the whole picture please. A lot of spreading could be stopped right now if more pressure came for Joe to close the border.

    Hawaii is beginning to appear as unappealing as California.

    1. Go away. There are not millions of illegals flying walking or driving into the country. Stop watching fixed news sheesh

      1. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/illegal-border-crossings-set-to-be-worst-in-us-history

        US ciizens can’t go to Hawaii without the shot or a test, but you can come to the USA with COVID. There is no COVID testing of those crossing before they are placed around the United States awaiting a hearing (which might take years to hold). Those illegal crossers (many presumably with COVID) are being resettled (often flown) to inland and other areas of the USA.

        You have a right to your opinions, but if you want to contest a statment that was ACTUALLY made by somebody, best come with some facts and statistics.

        1. This is a 100% complete lie saying those crossing the border have covid. You have zero proof of any of that. How many illegals are going to Hawaii? I’d bet zero. The United States anti vax citizens are 100% at fault for where we are today.

  9. Aloha,
    Curfew because late night activity may place strain on hospitals? Internal passport required? The Prison Planet is coming together nicely.

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