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Hawaii Travel Update: Tourism Rebound, Virtual Tours, and Seaweed Medicine

In today’s Hawaii travel news we’re featuring something for everyone. First we have ten winners from this weekend’s Facebook VIP Alerts giveaway. There’ll be more giveaways, so join us on Facebook and sign up to win.

Hawaii tourism rebounds

If you haven’t noticed, Hawaii’s tourism industry is on the mend. It’s a good news story because there are a lot more flights, and as a result hotels are getting busy. But while hotel occupancy is up, costs have stayed steady. I expect to see more new flights from the US Mainland (and more deals) announced soon. Keep an eye on what’s happening with the two key players, Hawaiian and Alaska. There’ll be more news from other carriers too.

Google virtual Honolulu tours now available

There are four virtual Google tours available for Honolulu visitors. They include the Honolulu Zoo, Iolani Palace, Diamond Head Crater and Wet n Wild water park. If you missed Google when they were driving around town, they used a pedicab to capture the photographs. I was looking for a hotel location near the zoo and found the ability to zoom in and out and turn around very useful. Head to Google Maps, and give this a try. Way cool.

Hawaii seaweed may be very good for you

A Hawaii water weed is now thought to have significant potential medicinal benefits. Scripps Institute research has shown that anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial agents are present that may yield substantial medical benefits. The study was recently published in the journal Chemistry & Biology.

The nuisance seaweed was found growing off the Kona coast of the Big Island. It is a threat to the coral it overgrows and is thought to release chemicals that cause the coral to bleach. Compounds found in the seaweed however may prove helpful in arthritis treatment, infections and skin disorders, among other things.

We’re sure to hear a lot more about this.

Watch Hawaii transit of venus live tomorrow

You don’t need to be here in person to see this once in a lifetime event that’s being broadcast live from Mauna Kea on the Big Island.

10 Free VIP Alerts winners announced

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