Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu Airport Changes

Hawaiian Airlines Competes With Honolulu Airport Changes

Hawaiian Airlines will begin updating its presence this month at Honolulu International Airport. In order to improve their passengers’ experience, their lobbies will be renovated and new check-in facilities completed by Thanksgiving. Their airport facilities on Kauai, Maui and at the Big Island’s Kona and Hilo airports were previously renovated.

This marks the beginning of a two year complete renovation at HNL that will include new baggage drop, guest services, security checkpoints and access to the Mauka Concourse.

Our take is that the airline must continue to make significant changes in an effort to distinguish itself. That is especially important at this, the most competitive time ever in Hawaii travel, with the encroachment of Southwest Hawaii flights. Honolulu Airport is the most visible and important Hawaii airport, and the place at which 19,000 of their passengers start or complete travel every day.

Hawaiian partnered with a renowned Maui tattoo artist, Keone Nunes, to create a unique theme of travel for each of the Hawaii airports they serve.

Hawaiian said, “We have received great feedback from our neighbor island guests as well as our employees regarding the new kiosks and refreshed lobbies, and we look forward introducing a host of improvements at Honolulu to create an effortless travel experience for all of our guests.”

The above photo is a Hawaiian Air rendering of the newly redesigned lobby. Its new facility was created for easier passenger access, with the most modern technology including better touch screens and printers. The airline hopes to reduce the time it takes for passengers to check in.

6 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Competes With Honolulu Airport Changes”

  1. Hello! We need to book two round-trip flights from Kauai to Kona in early May 2020. With all the competition, I was expecting lower prices than I’ve been seeing so far. Shall I wait a bit longer to book, hoping that prices will go down? Many thanks for your great site! I’m a faithful reader. 🌺
    Susan G.

    1. Hi Susan.

      The best price will be for two legs on that route – one to Honolulu and one to Kona. So price target would be between $58 and $78 each way. Or if you want the nonstop, that will stay at $99 each way.


  2. Mahalo for the information. Since I’m in a city where you go from here to Honolulu on Hawaiian, regardless of your final destination….the changes and updates at HNL are welcome! Hawaiian Airlines could use a little help on getting people from flight to flight in both directions. I have experienced a few hiccups to say the least. None of which were at the hands of HA employees who are all amazing and always trying to help.

  3. We hope they continue as well. We are just back from flights to Lihue and it is a mess getting through TSA just like Honolulu. Sad and the Hawaiian Airlines Lounge had nowhere enough seats for members and many were seated in the hallway. Yikes!!

  4. I hope this includes checkin for inter-island flights. In July of this year that was one of the worst experiences my wife, children, and grandchildren (12 in all) ever had. No signage or people to direct us, too small a staff handling the incoming passengers and baggage, long wait at security. Two plus hours of chaos for a 50 minute flight. We will likely skip Oahu next time.

  5. Very nice article! I’m very hopeful Hawaiian Air does come through with it’s ambitious statements.

    I’ve used the Hawaiian Air lounge at HNL a bunch, and have repeatedly experienced SUCH poor customer relations from two different Aunties working the reception desk. Each time they acted SO sour and impatient! And mind you, this is to passengers who are high mileage fliers and those others willing to buy a club membership and/ or fly first class.

    No thanks! I don’t need to visit a “Hawaiian Air Premier Lounge” for that torture. I can go to Walmart.

    Now maybe Hawaiian Air could improve in flight meals while they are at it? The airline meals (even in 1st class) are just awful!!

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