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  1. Hello to the folks at BEAT OF HAWAII!!!
    I purchased tickets for travel from Oahu to Phoenix, AZ (2-7 Nov). Would you happen to know if it is too late to purchase travel insurance?

    Thank you for your time!

  2. Aloha,
    We have our flight scheduled (with points) 11/6-11/16 from New York to Honolulu. Will we be affected by ANY work stoppage? Please advise.
    BTW, I love Beat of Hawaii.

    1. Hi Guy.

      Thank you! As we continue to say, it is very doubtful there will be a work stoppage. Just a lot of loud posturing until it settles. If that is too nerve wracking, then perhaps get travel insurance. Check with the provider first given that you’re using points and not money. Likely it will still work as you are buying a coverage amount and as long as that is large enough to cover new tickets, chances are you’ll be fine. But check and be sure.


  3. I have a trip scheduled to depart from HNL on 10/16 and returning on 10/24. Based on these dates, does it appear that I will have cause to worry about a possible strike?


  4. WOW…an almost 50% increase??….Well… no wonder it’s taken a year!….Holly Cow…Congress doesn’t even do that for themselves!…..

    I love your website and all the information you put out for people to learn more about the Fabulous Hawaiian Islands! So Thanks and keep up the Great WORK!


    1. Nice job Richard G! Did you miss the fact that the pilots have not had a raise in 30 years? This is not a consessionary contract when the quarterly earnings of HAL have been in the hundreds of millions. But maybe you believe the management when they assured you that they attract the best and brightest to fly their aircraft when they get paid 50% than every other airline that is scrambling to find qualified pilots in an increasingly narrowing field of qualified candidates. Fly safe Richard G!

    1. Hi Kristi.

      Most all comprehensive travel policies cover a strike. You need to read terms and conditions as with any contract nowadays.


  5. We are traveling to New Zealand in mid October from Kauai. We bought our tickets with miles, do you know if we can get travelers insurance for miles?

    1. Hi Logan.

      You can always buy insurance. Miles get recredited to your account less a fee if you don’t use the flight. That out of pocket fee should be eligible. Check with the insurance companies just to be sure.


  6. Hi,

    Any updates on the HA strike? I am Leaving early Sept. for Vegas for 10 days. So will I get stuck there! hahahaha

  7. Will the strike also include inter island flights? These are our only way to move around the state. Can the gov take action?

    1. Hi Fred,

      Any strike would likely include inter-island. We don’t really know what would happen or if there’d be any kind of intervention. The whole thing is posturing and seems extremely unlikely.


  8. We are flying to Ohau on October 16 and returning home on October 22. On October 16 will be flying straight to Maui, returning to Ohau on October 18. What are the odds of a strike in this time frame. Supposing there is a strike during the time we are over in Hawaii and we can’t fly home how do we handle that? You advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ruth.

      Best suggestion is to either not give it another thought or to buy travel insurance for peace of mind. We’ve continued to say that the chance of a strike materializing is very very small. Should one happen, we don’t know what that would look like obviously. Since it is in the fall, you can just enjoy Hawaii. That is not a busy time of year.


  9. Regarding Travel insurance and possible pilots’ strike, the agents tell me that if the strike is ‘foreseen’ such as this one and insurance was purchased after the fact (for those of us who already have our tickets on HA), it would not be covered under trip cancellation or trip interruption. So it looks as if travel insurance would only cover if the insured had selected the very expensive “cancel for any reason” and chose to cancel the entire trip. So, I guess we gamble with our HA reservations.

  10. If a strike happens, does our air fare get reimbursed by the airline. If it happens while we are there will we get 1/2 of it??

      1. If a Round Trip flight has been paid for and the Airline can’t fulfill there obligation to it, what’s my recourse.

        I did buy nonrefundable Tickets, that means If I Bale.
        I did get Trip Insurance for that.

  11. Hello I was wondering if you had any new news on the strike? I am trying to fly to Oahu 9-26 through 10-3.

  12. Just wondering if it is yet possible to know when the earliest date is that the 30 day cooling-off period could commence? (Noting that mediation will likely end on Friday July 1st?)

    This would greatly help in planning a very important trip to Hawaii.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi John,

      Very unlikely that a strike will actually occur. We’ll update as soon as we have more information.


    2. I much appreciate your speedy reply-thank you. I suppose I am just trying to calculate when the 30 day cooling off period could start at the earliest, if it ever did. Could it start by next week-end?

      My trip is complicated and very dependent upon timing. With mediation probably ending at the end of this week?…. are the airline and/or the pilots able to go straight to a 30 day warning, assuming arbitration is rejected, or are there some other hoops everyone has to jump through?

      Would government permission to leave mediation follow immediately at the end of this week?

      Perhaps this is an unfair question but I was hoping some past experience with these issues might offer a clue. I note that, unsurprisingly, no word ever comes out of mediation as to how things are going. Thank you for your great help during this uncertain time. I realise that you rate a strike as unlikely–but unlikely is not quite helping me with a very expensive decision involving many people. 🙂

      Thank again.

      1. Hi John,

        Wish we had more answers to your good questions. We’ll update as soon as we hear more.


      2. Maybe a suggestion would be for this individual to contact the airline itself and not the online info company that is simply providing the public with news.

  13. Good morning, I am flying Hawaiian Airlines from NYC to Honolulu on July 31. Have inter island flight on the 7th of August. Then back to NYC on Aug. 14th.. Just wondering what your feelings were on the possible strike.. I don’t have trip insurance but booked on amex card.. Please advise..Thank you for your website. Always very informative.

    1. Hi Patti,

      You will in all likelihood be fine. We have flights with Hawaiian in September ourselves. Strike is not at all likely. Our sense is that credit card would protect the money you spent but wouldn’t help you get alternative transportation. Thank you.



  15. Leaving from mainland to Oahu for family vacation between Aug 2-13. I’m worry bout HAL strike. Also, I did not purchase insurance.

  16. We are booked to fly to Hawaii on October 16 and fly home again on October 22. Should we go ahead with booking accommodation and tours etc. Your advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathryn.

      Yes we continue to reiterate that an actual strike is very unlikely. If you wish to purchase travel insurance or have accommodations you can cancel, that might be useful just as a precaution.


  17. We are flying to Kauai 7/27 then to Hilo 8/1, then home 8/17. Should we be worried ? We paid for our tickets on credit card that has been paid already!

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