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Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Strike Update

Latest news today February 9, 2017 on Hawaiian Airlines and whether or not the company’s pilots are heading towards a work stoppage.

Today’s News from Hawaiian Airlines

A strike has almost definitely been averted and a deal should soon be consummated. The parties are finalizing terms of the proposal and then a vote will happen. Pilot’s are set to receive up to 40% more – depending on aircraft and seniority. That means that their most seasoned A330 captains’ pay will rise from about $223K to $313K. It will be retroactive to 2015, resulting in an additional cost to Hawaiian of about $40M.

“It definitely will be a significant gain year over year for the pilots.” — Hoon Lee, ALPA.  Interestingly, union leaders voted 3 to 1 to accept the deal, with Lee voting against it because he didn’t feel it represented adequate value.

Beat of Hawaii indicated in January the a deal was likely at hand.

News at that time from executives at Hawaiian Airlines revealed a lot about what to expect in the pilots’ union negotiations:

Hawaiian Airlines booked a $20 million expense in the last quarter specifically related to the ongoing pilot labor contract negotiations. While the company did not portray that charge as an indication that a settlement is near, it is our sense that in fact that is the most clear indication to date that a settlement is approaching. Obviously the company and the union would not comment further so as not to prejudice the negotiations. 

Is a strike imminent? Definitely not. We are continuing to apprise you of this latest development. At Beat of Hawaii are more convinced than ever there will ultimately be no strike. We are continuing to make reservations and fly on Hawaiian Airlines ourselves.

Should you purchase travel insurance? While not needed anymore to cover a strike, you can and should at least consider buying travel insurance to cover all of your non-refundable travel expenses.

Whether to buy trip insurance is a completely personal decision. We’re choosing to do so more frequently now than in the past for multiple reasons. Recently for example, we risked missing a flight and a cruise when the possibility of a hurricane threatened service interruptions. Trip insurance would have added peace of mind and in the end cost less than the airline change fees and other expenses we subsequently incurred.

Note: Beat of Hawaii will continue to update this page as changes warrant.

110 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Strike Update”

  1. Hi,
    OAK to OGG 7/12 to 7/25 on credit card miles on Hawaiian. Looks like we will make it there but not home. Do you agree? Will get travel insurance but should I consider rebooking return on other carrier now? Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Your website is so helpful!

    1. Hi Carol.

      Thank you. We continue to feel quite strongly that it isn’t the right environment for any kind of strike to happen. It is going to be loud and nasty though before it is all done and we will continue to cover it. In the end, we think you’ll be fine. Trip insurance can’t hurt.


  2. Would they refund your ticket money, or just cancel you, if you had no trip insurance? Booked early September!

  3. I am planning a multi-island vacation in mid September. Should I consider booking with another airline for the inter island flights? How long can I wait before booking? Any advice would be great.


    1. Hi Louise.

      Hard to say what will be happening but we still aren’t convinced a strike will happen. It seems mostly posturing at this point. You can always books with Island Air as an alternative (depending on your route). Also, consider trip insurance.


      1. If there was more competition with HAL I don’t think
        The pilots would feel as confident to possibly strike.
        What I mean is that another airline would take more passengers away… But HAL is the big cheese in HAWAII. We need compittion. That’s the bottom line. Come on SWA- Alaska … Expand!! Hawaii needs you!!

      2. Aloha! Re trip insurance and the possibility of a strike at Hawaiian, not asking you to predict strike-or-no-strike but wondering: are we at the point where the insurance companies could call this a “known peril” and refuse to cover us in the event of a strike-caused delay or disruption? We are booked for mid October.

        Mahalo for any insights 🙂 Peter L

        1. Hi Peter,

          Good question. Suggest you contact Insuremytrip.com at 800-487-4722 and see what they say. At this point from our read it would not be considered a known peril, and that might occur should there be unsuccessful arbitration and one of the parties indicates either a strike or a lockout would be next. Since we aren’t an insurance provider, however, that’s just how it appears to us and it would be best to check.

          We believe that in the current environment a strike is not at all likely to occur.


  4. OMG – I hope a HAL strike doesn’t happen! Mahalo in advance to you guys for keeping all of us up to date. Don’t actually fly til mid Sept. Am keeping fingers crossed. Is flight insurance even available when using miles?

    1. Hi Val,

      Good to check with a travel insurance provider, but it seems that when you have adequate insurance to cover the cost of a replacement ticket, you will be okay.


  5. You’ve done an excellent job on covering the potential for a strike. People who have travel scheduled to Hawaii during a strike may lose a pending vacation trip, hence the need for travel insurance. The other bad scenario is for those locals and vacationers hoping to move from island to island during a strike. If you’re “stuck” on Maui, but have the balance of your vacation booked on another island, how will those thousands of people get from island to island in a strike? The other carriers will have little or no capacity to cover all those left stranded during a strike. Will Hawaiian call in retired pilots? How many days could elapse before Hawaiian could have alternate pilots ready to fly–if any at all? What would you project the options will be for those already on the islands if a strike is called?

    1. Hi Dan,

      We still do not believe that a strike will actually occur. In spite of that, caution is certainly in order especially when other non-refundable costs are at stake.

      Certainly if a strike did happen there would be a near complete collapse in Hawaii travel as Hawaiian carries the majority of inter-island traffic in addition to being a major playing in the trans-Pacific and international sector.


  6. Aloha !!

    Flying Hawaiian air tomorrow May 22 returning June 2 any chance I won’t be able to get home due to the strike ???

    Thank You !!

  7. We are due to fly to Honolulu from Brisbane on Sunday, October 16 and returning home on Saturday, October 22. Would these flights be in jeopardy – would someone please tell me. Thanking you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      That is too far out to know really. Travel insurance is one possible solution and since you’ve probably charged on a credit card, that should provide some assurance as well. When we learn more we’ll be updating.


  8. I have flights booked for my family of 5 on June 27th and July 11th, will this be likely to affect us at all? Would it be best to get insurance?

    Mahalo in advance for any information!

  9. My family is booked to fly on Hawaiian Airlines on August 16th. How would a possible pilot strike affect us?
    Thanks for any thoughts in advance!

    1. Hi James,

      Since you undoubtedly paid with credit card that should be protected. Also since it is mid-August, were anything to materialize, availability on other carriers should not be an issue.


  10. Will they be on strike around June 23rd? I have first class tickets booked for our trip and I don’t want to be in a plane with “replacement pilots”. I hope they reach an agreement – I prefer to fly Hawaiian Air to the Islands than any other airline. Will I be safe to fly out then?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Should not be a problem in any sense – it won’t happen that soon.


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