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Hold Your Reservation on Hawaiian Airlines From $4.99

Here’s an interesting new, optional fee for flights to Hawaii from Hawaiian Airlines. If you think you’ve found a great deal for your Hawaii vacation but aren’t quite ready to commit, you can hold your reservation with no further obligation and the price guaranteed for as little as $4.99 per person. This is actually something we find useful, especially on flights to and from the mainland. There are those times when you just need a few days to get all of your other details in order.

While DOT rules generally require that airlines offer either a 24 hours hold or cancellation, this is a far more flexible option when needed.

How To Fare Hold on Hawaiian Airlines

1. Find your flight and select your seats.

2. Purchase the new Fare-Hold option.

3. Hawaiian Airlines will hold both your reservations and seat assignments until 11:59pm HST on the date specified (either 3 or 7 days). This also locks in the airfare.

Cost Per Person

Interisland: $4.99 for 3 days; $6.99 for 7 days.

North America or International: $6.99 for 3 days; $8.99 for 7 days.

What do you think – will you pay to fare hold?

13 thoughts on “Hold Your Reservation on Hawaiian Airlines From $4.99”

  1. I just filed a complaint about Hawaiian Airlines to the DOT for price gouging and abusing their monopoly on inter-island travel. I am awaiting the reply. It should take a month or two. Anyone else who is interested in filing a complaint should go to the Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. website and click for the filing a complaint choice. Stay tuned.

  2. It is fascinating to me to see how airfare pricing parallels the stock market and other financial transactions. The service to lock in a fare for a particular amount of time sounds like an options contract for a stock. I think it would be interesting for the airlines to expand this concept. For example sell an option today to buy a ticket at a specific price for sometime between December 1-15. Charge say $200 for this option and if the option is not taken then the $200 is lost. I can see this valuable for people such as DJoan above or say people who may need to travel but won’t know for sure until the last minute.

  3. Last minute trip to Honolulu from Dallas the week before Christmas (I know!). Are there ever any last minute holiday deals or is there a cheaper hub to fly to and then fly to Hawaii? Thanks

  4. Planning a trip to the Big Island the 1st of April 2016, when would be the best time to get a good deal on tickets? We will,be leaving from Omaha Nebraska.

    1. Hi Stefanie.

      That’s spring break so you can’t expect deals. On 4/1 running $1100+. Buy now or wait for any last minute opportunities if they arise.


  5. planning a trip to Honolulu December 2016 to celebrate my 80th birthday. Hopefully there will be an awesome deal for my husband and myself. He has been there during the Vietnam conflict, I have yet to see Hawaii. I am so looking forward to it. Can hardly wait.

    1. Hi Joan.

      If you come in early December then a great price is likely. Later in December gets expensive.


  6. Just another way for Hawaiian to make still more money. It’s not enough that their inter-island fares are astronomical. I recently paid $355 RT from Lihue to HNL. THAT IS A 20-25 MINUTE FLT.!!! Now they want more money. I will be reporting HAL to the DOT and Dept. of Justice for price gouging.

    1. When ever I fly inter-island, I always use Mokulele air. They aren’t fancy and they get about 20 people in their Cesna Caravan planes, but it’s always a wonderful flight and you are treated like a valuable customer instead of cattle. And they even sometimes have standby flights for $33 each way.

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