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Island Air Rebrands, Grows, and Offers Better Hawaii Deals

Island Air and Go Airlines are now owned by Lanai’s Larry Ellison. Island Air has just been rebranded with a new look that’s fresh and contemporary, featuring vibrant Hawaiian blue plane tails. A new look isn’t the only improvement with this airline, it’s the more aggressive pricing that you’ll really want to take notice of.

Hawaiian Airlines still runs the bulk of our Hawaii inter-island service with the most flights and arguably the most comfort. Given the number of daily services they offer, you can often find the best deal on Hawaiian Airlines by being flexible in the time of day that you fly. And the savings can be substantial.

Island Air is making great strides in becoming a viable Hawaii air competitor with engaged new ownership, roomier new ATR-72 planes, more flights, and the acquisition of Go Airlines. We still don’t know precisely how all this will come together – Go and Island Air, but that should become clear shortly.

ATR’s to be new Hawaii inter-island work horse?

Island Air’s new turbo jets are likely to become the workhorse for all Hawaii inter-island service in the not too distant future. The reason is fuel efficiency. As you recall, Hawaiian Airlines recently acquired their first ATR-42’s (a smaller variant), to provide service starting shortly to Molokai and Lanai. Hawaiian Airlines will certainly be leaving the Boeing 717 fleet behind as soon as it is feasible. That plane was from an era when maximum fuel efficiency wasn’t nearly as critical as it is today.

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  1. my in laws just took a Go flight from Hilo to Honolulu, my mother in law is a flight attendant, and she said she never saw an airlines acting like that, the flight was delayed 4 hours, without any reason, and they miss their connection and had to get a room!
    Hawaiian had probably 4 flights on the same route meanwhile
    Never ever going to send anybody on Go, use only Hawaiian, cost more, but is worth it

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