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Go! Airlines Quits Hawaii

Go! Airlines is pau (over). They announced today they’ll leave Hawaii effective April 1. This comes as no surprise as the company had poor reviews, a small fleet, and offered little competition to Hawaiian Airlines and Island Air. They began flying inter-island in 2006.

We still remember flying inter-island for $3 on Go! when they first started service. In more recent years we opted not to fly Go! The airline wasn’t very popular with Hawaii residents and relied heavily on selling flights through online travel agencies. They were also mired in controversy from the outset and often mentioned in terms of being a part of the failure of much loved Aloha Airlines.

Last June, Go! was in talks to be acquired by Island Air, although that never came to pass. It then seemed only a matter of time until Go! folded. Owner Mesa Airlines indicated they will move their fleet to the mainland for more profitable routes.

If you are booked on Go! between April 1 and June 30 you will either be booked on Hawaiian Airlines or can receive a refund if you cannot be accommodated. If your flight is for after June 30, you will receive a refund.

6 thoughts on “Go! Airlines Quits Hawaii”

  1. Almost hooked flights last night for August… Thanks to your info I’m glad I find not. What is the cheapest way to island hop? And also the best time to buy airfare from Atlanta?



    1. Hi Casey.

      Atlanta doesn’t get many Hawaii sales so probably sooner than later is best. As for inter Island, there are no deals so by as soon as you know your schedule.


  2. Last year we needed to get a flight from Maui to the Big Island. After searching multiple airlines, I saw Mokulele Air. I always wanted to fly in a smaller plane and that prop job fit the ticket! The captain looked like Penn from Penn and Teller…he turned around in his seat and gave us our pre-flight instructions and next thing we knew, we were over the ocean! What a wonderful flight that was! Our flight back to Maui was also on Mokulele and I will certainly fly them again. What a treat!

    1. Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your comment. We’ve flown and enjoyed Mokulele’s Cessa flights. However as people who live and work here in Hawaii and needs to commute regularly, we don’t find that type of aircraft appropriate.


  3. Holy Moses! I was looking at them yesterday to see if I should come through Honolulu this time and use them to connect to Kauai! Can that idea!!

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